Kinds Of Women Body Care

Kinds Of Women Body CareBeautiful does not have to be expensive, there is a simple way as a treatment. Besides beautiful is not necessarily white, have a clean and well groomed face is also included in the beautiful class. In addition to outside care is also the care of our behavior where if we behave politely and well people will want to approach us.

Here are a variety of simple body treatments for women:

Overcome dry skin with honey.
Original honey is a lot of benefits, but often we are fooled by fake honey. Original honey is usually sold at high prices. Honey in addition to beneficial in the world of health is also useful in the world of beauty. Especially for dry skin, honey can act as a skin moisturizer.

Take care of the skin by avoiding cigarette smoke.
Cigarette smoke other than harmful to the smokers is also dangerous for the people around it is none other than the skin that can make the skin becomes dry. For that should avoid cigarette smoke.

Cucumber for the eyes.
Swollen eye bags make the eyes look a little less fresh. Cucumber slices can be overcome because the cucumber feels cold and something cold can reduce the blackness and eye bags.

Avoid dehydration.
Drinking is strongly recommended for health. The skin is the outer part of the body to know the condition of the body. Lack of drinking can lead to dehydration, where the skin becomes dry and dull.

Protect the lips.
Lips contain less melanin than other parts of the skin resulting in less natural protection against environmental elements. To protect your aunt, apply SPF and hydration balm regularly.

Moisturizing snacks.
If you like snacking should replace your snack with fruit such as watermelon, cucumber or other fruit rich in water. Improve skin beauty by enriching vitamins and antioxidants whereby both beautify.

Diligent night care.
Night treatment by applying a thick night cream becomes very important especially when the age reaches 30 years. Night cream can help improve skin regeneration at night.

Avoid sugar.
Consuming sugar can cause the protein in the skin to react with excessive sugar, after which it results in older skin faster.

Make a pretty sleep.
Pretty sleep is sleeping where previously applied ingredient products such as vitamin B, C and P to malikimulir cell turn and circulation.Exercise regularly.
Exercise gives a healthy glow to the face by increasing blood flow. When sweating, the body toxins are removed and removes dead skin cells so new cells can grow.

Eat a super meal and increase vitamins.
Tomatoes and carrots are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, both of which are capable of preventing free radicals. Beta carotene and lycopene found in it are also able to protect the skin from sun damage and repair dead skin cells. Also increase your vitamin by consuming avocados.

That's all kinds of women's body treatments in a simple way. May be useful.

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