Kingkong Comes Mosquitoes Lost

Kingkong Comes Mosquitoes LostThe term may be familiar to coastal inhabitants along the northern coast, a title of a mosquito coil product with a picture of a pink bean with a banana and grab the jargon "", you can buy at a grocery or a grocery store or a wholesaler. 1 pax content 5 seeds sold five thousand rupiah per seed so a thousand rupiah, the price is quite affordable for the outskirts.

Unfortunately not all residents like this product, the article smell and smoke that can disrupt health while we sleep, this mosquito repellent has started there competitor, namely autan mosquito repellent drug with the method of spread with the presentation of various flavors.

When applied there is a red color of jasmine flower flavor and there is a yellow color of orange flavor. Simply Rp 500 you can get 1 autan that can be used overnight with his family, directly smeared on some surface of skin and hands, sometimes some also facial expression.

Some residents while avoiding mosquitoes when going to bed, also use bed nets of material, there are standard size, medium or jumbo, usually adjusted to the bedroom and bed.

The mosquito net used by some residents is considered effective, because mosquitoes are difficult to enter and if they want to go too easy if the mosquito is then turned off. One pat just the hand of mosquitoes immediately killed. Pity is also the fate of mosquitoes, eat a little blood, long ga ga eh been killed first.

Mosquito nets, cassava mosquito repellent, autan or other types that are burned through electricity, do not apply if you sleep in the mountains, no mosquitoes who dared to approach the mountain complex, the pool was almost without mosquito larvae, reasonable if they have a house , villa or overnight stay in hotel so sleep very soundly.

Usually overnight, can wake up two to three times, but because of living in the mountains such as the peak of the west Java bogor, in Kaligua Tea Garden Paguyangan District Brebes Central Java, Tambi Tea Garden in Wonosobo Central Java Province, Dieng in Wonosobo Java Province Tengaj, or in other mountains such as Kerinci Jambi Province, and the like, only equipped with blankets and jackets into the provision of sleep, we can feel the sleep soundly.

Physical fatigue immediately disappears as the alarm tone or the call to prayer calls us to take the ablution immediately for a congregational prayer, unrivaled fresh air, so naturally our age increases but the physical feelings still look young.

For mosquito repellent companies, the prospectus market is in the coastal area, because mosquitoes whenever never diminish, even though every day the villagers kill them, but with mosquito breeding models in some places like in the sewers, bottles of water, or bath pool every day without draining , making mosquitoes for many days more and more.

As a result nyamukpun drug companies get a continuous fortune including the seller of grocery stores and retail stores in the villages because of the growing population, let alone now the proliferation of property or housing business.

Kingkong do not sell in the mountains, kingkong know where to sell their products, natural if the mountain people visiting their siblings, unable to sleep soundly because of the hot weather and mosquitos many, they wonder so nyampai to the north coast, just a minute watching television or visit there dozens of pat both hands change with the legs in the scratching because of mosquito bites … he said, mosquito you kok naughty hell, this dedeknya ga can sleep you know.But it must be taken that Allah SWT creates the mosquito and its benefits and the world of mosquitoes should prefer it in areas with hot and shabby air or near the northern coast, it is natural that millions of mosquitoes alternate to search for human prey as an invincible nutrient.

Cases of Dengue fever in turn, spraying with fogging was done by officers, even socialization with the community was routinely delivered so that we are healthy and if there is a puddle of water to be drained or removed to reduce the breeding of this mosquito.

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