Kira-Kira Who’s the Match Replace Position Nabilah JKT48 Of 9 Girls, Which Your Choice

Kira-Kira Who's theThe shocking news came back from the sky of Indonesian entertainment. JKT48 girlband fans must be willing to lose one of his idol, Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia. Nabilah JKT48 has just resigned from its membership in JKT48. The news was announced directly by the management of JKT48 through the site, Tuesday (31/10). Presented that Nabilah Ratna Ayu's health condition became the main reason that the beautiful artist left the group.

It certainly makes warganet excited. On various social media lines fans are flocking to the #TerimaKasihNabilah tagar. Yes, of course this is a very meaningful loss for JKT48 fans. Because Nabila has become an icon that can be spelled out most favored by fans. But do not be too long sad, the lost must be there instead. Well, roughly who is the right gantiin Nabilah position if from among children artist?

1. Stephanie Poetry Dougherty, child of Indonesia Pop Diva, Titi DJ may be suitable to replace Nabila JKT48 position. Beautiful, young, and can sing. How?

2. Shaloom Razade Syach who inherits a beautiful face mamahnya, it seems he fits in JKT48. Just look at his eyes and his smile, funny right?

3. Who does not know this beautiful girl, Natasha Willona? He is famous for his acting in soap operas Street Children. Beautiful and talented, fit?

4. Vanesha Prescilla, a model and 18-year-old ad is full of talent. Later, Sissy Priscillia's sister starred in the movie Dilan

5. Aurel Hermansyah. If this one is no doubt dong voice?

6. Cut Syifa. Artist whose name became popular when starring sinetron Tukang Bubur Naik Haji seems to be able to match the beauty of other JKT48 personnel

7. Tyarani Savitri Nugraha. Maybe still strange to the ears, but who would have thought, this beautiful virgin who is familiarly called Tiara is the eldest son of Mulan Jameela

8. Ranty Mary. In addition to acting champion, virgin birth 26 April 1999 has a beautiful face and standard cuteness tinngi to be a substitute Nabilah JKT48. If this is how fast can move on

9. Megan Anita Domani. This 15-year-old beautiful woman is an actress and model. Just like Natasha Willona, ??she also starred in soap operas Street ChildrenOf course the role of Nabilah in JKT48 is very difficult to forget. But let us guess who is worthy to replace him. The names that Hipwee attempts suggest above are viewed from various qualifications, such as voice, face, talent, and so on.

Well, roughly, from the names above, you prefer which one? Or do you have another figure? Write in the comment field, yes! #TakeNowYouBoy

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