KKK Fight Corruption in the Forestry Sector

KKK Fight Corruption in the Forestry SectorLiputan6.com, Mataram – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) continues to observe and strive to prevent corruption in the forestry sector. A number of measures were taken by the agency antirasuah.

KPK Deputy Chairman Zulkarnain said, so far his party found many allegations of corruption in the forestry sector. Related to that, the Commission is conducting studies and research on these allegations.

"One way to suppress corruption in the forestry sector is by improving coordination with all stakeholders in the forestry sector," Zulkarnain said in Mataram on Saturday (29/11/2014).

He said that in unifying the agreement related to acceleration of forest area, KPK has coordinated it with 12 ministries to keep and guard the forest area in order to keep it running effectively.

"Currently, it has not been effective since it is clashing with the clarity of the rules regarding the issuance of the right to manage the rights," said Zulkarnaen.

This led to the rise of corruption practices in the forestry sector. On the basis of this, he suspects the potential for corruption in any rights to manage permits can reach Rp200 billion.

In the past year, he said, the KPK has succeeded in encouraging the revamping of permits in the forestry sector to reach 59 percent. In addition, corruption eradication agencies have also conducted supervision at the regional head level.

Zulkarnaen added that his side has also conducted supervision in every mining business license expenditure (IUP) in problematic forest areas. According to his observations, of the 12,000 IUPs issued, about 4,000 are known to be problematic.

"If IUP is problematic, the state will not get non-tax state revenue," he said.

Meanwhile, for the region of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Zulkarnain has not explained it. This is because the KPK is still doing the assessment. In this regard, he does not deny that the problems in the forestry sector in the area are in the spotlight of the KPK.

"In the NTB region there are also troubled state forests, especially about licensing," said Zulkarnain.According to him, state forest granted permission for mining management is not in the rules. "We remind the head of the region is not careless in issuing permits," said Zulkarnaen.

Previously KPK examined former Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan in early November. The chairman was examined as a witness for Riau's suspended governor, Annas Maamun, in an alleged corruption investigation regarding the Submission of Revision of Riau Forest Forest Transfer in 2014 to the Ministry of Forestry.

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