KKP Holds a Climate Change Seminar

KKP Holds a Climate Change SeminarCitizen6, Muara Baru: Today, one of the global issues that concern the world is related to climate change. The climate change phenomenon is closely related to various marine and fishery activities. This is because marine and fishery activities are economic activities whose existence depends on natural resources.

In addition, in the framework of the 43rd Anniversary of Earth Day which falls on April 22, 2013 with the theme "The Face of Climate Change", Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), through the Agency for Marine and Fisheries Resources Development (BPSDM KP) with related agencies together with the community, including students, organize seminars.

The theme of the seminar was "Climate Change in the Perspective of Marine and Fisheries Human Resource Development" held on Monday, 15 April 2013, at Trainer and Research Madidihang 03, at Ocean Fishery Port Nizam Zachman, Muara Baru, North Jakarta.

The purpose of this activity is to increase the role of education unit of the scope of CTF in the process of mitigation and adaptation of climate change to support the achievement of marine and fisheries development goals. The target is the realization of marine and fisheries human resources competent in adapting to climate change.

Acting as a resource person in the first session was the Coordinator of the Improved Capacity and Research Division, National Council on Climate Change, Agus Supangat, who delivered the presentation "Capacity Building Readiness in Indonesia in Climate Change Impact," as well as Head of Climatic Center for Agro-climate and Climate of the Sea, Meteorology Agency, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG), Nurhayati, with his presentation "The role of BMKG in climate change adaptation."

The guest speaker in the second session was the Head of Center for Marine and Fisheries Education (Pusdik KP), I Nyoman Suyasa, who delivered the presentation of "The Role of Pusdik KP in Climate Change Adaptation" and Head of Fisheries High School (STP) Djodjo Suwardjo with the exposure " Train in Education and Research for the Interests of Climate Change. "

Head of BPSDM KP, Suseno Sukoyono, in his speech invites to always consider various international issues in conducting education, training, and counseling, one of which is the issue of climate change. According to him, Climate change, consciously or not, sooner or later will affect the natural resources of marine and fisheries.

Some examples of climate change events that are perceived daily are sea level rise, ocean acidification, desertification, land and forest degradation, increasing temperatures, glacial retreat, biodiversity loss and salinization. "The impacts in life that are also felt include the declining availability of drinking water, declining marine and fishery resources, and the loss of some jobs," he added.

In this discussion mentioned, based on the speed of the process kejadiaannya, natural phenomena associated with climate change can be grouped into two, namely the natural phenomena that occur rapidly (rapid onset) and the slow process (slow onset). Management to reduce losses and damage caused by climate change is a strategic step to anticipate the possibilities that will occur.

In its implementation, adequate human resource support is required. Therefore, educational institutions in the context of the CTF climate change adaptation process to support the achievement of marine and fisheries development goals have a very strategic role.

The CTF education institution consists of STP in three locations (Jakarta, Bogor and Serang), Sidoarjo Fisheries Academy (AP), AP Bitung, AP Sorong, Ladong Medium Business School (SUPM), SUPM Pariaman, SUPM Kota Agung, SUPM Tegal , SUPM Pontianak, SUPM Bone, Ambon SUPM, SUPM Kupang, and SUPM Sorong. Currently being built also the STP teaching factory campus in Karawang and School fo Marine Conservation in Wakatobi.The choice of vessel in this STP vessel is because the ship is expected to be a research vessel for the climate change phenomenon and become a teaching facility for cadets, who practice 70% more than 30% theory on the approach used in education.

The ship, built in the Astilleros Gondan Shipyard Shipyard, Spain, is equipped with a variety of advanced and modern equipment, such as purse seine and long line fishing gear, fisheries and oceanographic laboratories, 70 ton hatches, fresh water maker as a source of clean water and refrigeration warehouse cold storage), classrooms and accommodation for 50 cadets, as well as bedrooms for the Children's Fruit Ship (ABK).

Vessels on the ship that only one in Indonesia consists of 23 crew, 2 instructors, 2 researchers, and 50 cadets. The research supplies include SBE 911 plus 6600 CTD, EA 600 Scientific Echosounder, EK 60 Fish Finder, TRDI 75 Hz ADCP, SBE 21TSGF, 10 Au Flourmeter Turner, PORTASAL Guidekine Salinometer, Meteo, SEAPATH 20 NAV Scientific GPD, 10 units Dive equipment , and 2 cameras under water.

Through this discussion activity is expected to produce the right steps to deal with climate change as well as solutions to can to solve the problem. It is also hoped that the Madidihang 03 vessel can host various activities related to the improvement of quantity and quality of marine and fishery development in Indonesia, especially in facing the climate change phenomenon. (Efrimal Bahri / YSH)

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