KLHK called banjir bandang evidence of environmental damage is getting worse

KLHK called banjirR & D Agency and Innovation Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) mentions, banjir bandang in Garut regency, West Java is a representation of the success of the recovery efforts of watersheds (DAS).

Flash floods that killed 24 residents and 17 people lost it occurred due to overflow of the river Cimanuk after heavy rain. This indicates the watershed condition, especially in the upstream area, in severe damage condition.

"Before the incident there was a heavy rainfall with an intensity of 225 millimeters per hour, whereas the average rainfall in the region is only 100 millimeters per hour," said Head of Research and Development Agency KLHK, Henry Bastaman when opening the National Seminar on the Role of Watershed Management to Support Water Resilience in Solo City on Thursday (22/9).

Henry said, the rain with a very high intensity is the impact of extreme weather that is currently shorter cycle. In the past, he continued, El Nino and La Nina storm cycles are still 20 years ago in 1997 to 10 years, and now become 5 years.

"This indicates that the environmental damage over time is getting worse, and the irresponsible behavior of humans makes the impact worse," he said.

Henry added, the lack of awareness to maintain the watershed makes the carrying capacity and the diminishing capacity.

The pattern of land use, said Henri, often causes the area of ??forest cover in the upstream area continues to decrease. Top areas that should be protected forests are planted with vegetables or seasonal crops. As a result, the ability to absorb water is lower.

In the same occasion, the Secretary of Directorate General of Watershed Control (DAS) and Hutan Lindung, Murdiyono stated, in addition to Cimanuk similar conditions also occur in 15 other watersheds.

"There are 15 watersheds in Indonesia to be addressed, including Cimanuk, Bengawan Solo, Citandui and Batanghari Watersheds, most of which are located in Java Island," he explained.

Damage to the watershed, according to him, among them due to poor management system and the transfer of land use in the catchment area. This is also the case in the Cimanuk watershed which became one of the causes of floods and landslides in Garut, West Java.

Although it has a map of disaster-prone and has an early warning system, but there are extreme things that cause floods and landslides in Garut. Such extreme conditions can not be predicted by normal systems."The banjir bandang disaster in Garut is a momentum for self introspection, with the support of the community should restore the watershed function," he concluded. [tyo]

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