Know a Little More Near Culture and Lifestyle in America

Know a Little More Near Culture and Lifestyle in AmericaGetting to Know the Culture and Lifestyle in America

If you want to study or work in the United States for a relatively long time then you have to at least know a little about the behavior of most Americans, their lifestyle, and their culture. Knowing the culture closer to a region does not necessarily mean that we become the same as them, but so we know what the country or region is going to be.

Most Americans value time. Time is money in America is really felt. If you happen to be walking in downtown Manhattan, New York, for example, on the busiest street in front of Madison Square Garden, or on 42nd street, it will feel like a busy pedestrian traffic and as if no matter the circumstances around them. Most of them always arrive on time, even a few minutes before they have arrived when there is an appointment. Should there be bridges, whether from the appointment or vice versa, then they will immediately notify first. I was 10 minutes late from the agreement without telling you, when I came to the dentist's clinic, I consequently had to make another appointment. Time abstinence is wasted, in any case.

When attending party events where we invite Americans to attend, the invitation starts at 9, they will arrive exactly at 9 or even 15 minutes before. The room is still empty, the people of Indonesia and Asia will usually appear at 9.30 or even 1 hour late. Unbelievably late. I've watched it on both official and unofficial occasions.

Going for a walk is very popular in America. Usually they take a leisurely stroll (JJS) at dawn, before going to work or school, and at night after dinner. If we may be too busy and tired to just take a leisurely stroll, then morning and afternoon jogging seems to have ingrained to most Americans. But remember, it's not a place where you can go for a walk. In some forbidden streets, including highways or toll roads, you'll probably be given a ticket and pay a fine when the police see you there.

There is another culture, it is very disrespectful to suddenly appear in someone else's house, even if it's a close neighbor, without telling or calling first. You must ask them first, whether they are available at that particular date and time or not. Even if you have an appointment first, tell the host when you're out so they can estimate your arrival time.

In some Asian countries including Indonesia, fellow men put their hands on the shoulders of their male companions are common. Hold the hands and shoulders of your friends are also commonplace. But do not ever do such things in America, they will stare in surprise and think you are gay alias homo. Play your eyes, or wink at the opposite sex, and feel unhappy with your way, so be prepared to accept the consequences. It could be considered as a form of harassment and you will get damprat, still fortunately if he did not question further. If in America, sexual harassment and the like punishment will be heavy, and there the strength of sue mengesue is very strong. Just because trivial things you can get sue.

Saturdays and Sundays are a day to relax, whether with family or group. It is rare for Americans to work the weekend, except for workers from Asian countries, because working on weekends you will usually be paid one and a half or two times the salary. For Americans, quality time with family on weekends is more important than double paid overtime. Most festivals and even shows are held on Saturdays and Sundays. So, enjoy your day, folks!

Finally, the problem queues. Everyone should respect and obey this queued law. Do not ever cut off the path of someone who's already standing in front of you. In any form, including when driving a car. For example, if there is a stop sign sign, then you who come later must give way first to the car that first arrived at the road robbery. Have a good vacation.

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