Know Environmental Communication

Know Environmental CommunicationDo not know, then do not love. It is unethical if we will go deeper into environmental communication but do not understand the real definition of environmental communication. According to Deddy Mulyana in his book Introduction to Communication Communication (2004, 41) Communication is a basic human need. Communication will not be separated from everyday human life. In communication there are some basic elements of communicators (sending agent messages), messages, media, and communicant (message receiving agent). While the environment is the surrounding circumstances that affect the development and behavior of living things.

Can be defined intact communication environment is the process of message exchange that leads to the effect or response given communicant about the environmental sustainability. Environmental communication can also be interpreted as a strategy used to solve various environmental problems. As for example demanding the development of the current era, humans are the main cause of air pollution on earth. To reduce the level of air pollution, environmental communication is the right strategy so that people want to change and will not pollute the earth again. From these descriptions, environmental communication aims to preserve the environment around us which is getting more and more damaged.

To perfect the message in environmental communication, the field of communication science also contributes theories to persuade the audience in preserving the environment. Relevant theories in environmental communication are Rhetoric Theory and Setting Agenda Theory. Rhetorical Theory explains the essence of communication is persuasion. In other words, communication is meant to change a person's attitude. While the agenda setting theory explains that the mass media has the ability to move the discourse on the agenda of news to the public agenda. Issues raised by the media will surely be promoted to public chat. For example media A reports on the case of Global Warming. So, Global Warming will be a public chat.

Coverage of environmental communication is very wide. In addition to the theory of rhetoric and setting agenda, the area of ??environmental communication studies is social marketing and campaigning. Social marketing is a strategy of offering a particular activity. Social marketing does not sell goods / earn profits. But social marketing is oriented towards a change in deviant behavior in social life. For example held a social marketing about healthy living with water, healthy living without michin, save earth, and so forth. While the campaign is a tool for disseminating information and raising awareness, awareness, and behavioral changes from the target audience.

Environmental communication has two functions namely pragmatic function and konsitutif function. Pragmatic function means communication serves to inform, educate, invite, and help people solve environmental problems. Pragmatic environmental communications can persuade, and help solve environmental problems. While the second function is the constitutive function. The constitutive function aims to shape the perception of the community of existing environmental problems.

To smooth the process of environmental communication, crisis communication is a type of communication to solve environmental problems. Crisis communication is a process of exchanging messages conducted between the communicant with the communicator to overcome a crisis that is happening in this environment. Crisis communication can also be interpreted as a strategy undertaken to communicate the risk of a thing well so as to minimize ambiguity and misunderstandings. This communication is very effective to overcome the environmental problems that occur in the community.

Environmental communication can also influence us to make common decisions about the circumstances of an environment in which we live. Environmental communication can spur us to be critical and responsive to the problems that occur around us. Greenpeace is one of the efforts to conserve the environment. Many efforts have been made to overcome all environmental problems such as the application of reducing the use of plastic bags in some supermarkets, holding an earth hour that campaign lights off for 60 seconds, and many other efforts.

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