Know How To Dress Up And Face Care A la Korea VS West, You Choose Which Which

Know How To Dress Up And Face Care A la Korea VS West, You Choose Which WhichCan not be denied again, the use of make-up into a powerful way to accentuate facial features owned by a girl. Currently, most Indonesian girls are not only limited to cosmetology inspired by Hollywood movies, but also by Korean dramas and music that bring Asian aesthetics. Many of them want to look like Korean girls with their natural beauty and healthy and youthful skin. But there are also girls who prefer the look bold and exotic a la west.

Indeed, in addition to the different characteristics of skin care, Korea and western countries like America also have a very clear distinction in displaying facial makeup. Before you sontek, Hipwee Style has summarized some of the differences specifically for you. Let's know more!

1. Appearance of facial skin; Korean girls prefer his face looks damp and shiny from the inside, while the western girl liked the results of matte makeup and perfect

The look of damp and shiny Korean girl skin will give the impression of younger, natural and healthy looking skin. While the western girl wants to look perfect in terms of polishing, smooth, matte and exotic chocolate.

2. Primary and foundation; Korean girls prefer to use primer that brighten and moisturize the skin, western girls prefer a foundation that can be full coverage and durable

Korean girls rarely use foundation and prefer BB cream or BB cushion that contains high SPF and moisturize. They want her face to look white and glowing damp. While the western girl is more concerned with the foundation that can cover certain parts that interfere with the facial smoothness such as acne, black spot, wrinkles, and others.

3. Eyebrow appearance; Korean girls prefer the look of straight and natural eyebrows, Western girls whose eyebrows are curved, neat and firm

Korean girl's eyebrow looks straight with clear eyebrow hairs. Views like this will support the young and innocent impression. Unlike the western eyebrow makeup that looks very neat and firm, there is not a bit of hair out of the line. Even to reinforce it, the outer part of the eyebrows are given concealer or highliter to cover the remnants of the disturbing eyebrow hairs. Western women's eyebrows are generally made curved on the tail to give the impression of adult and sexy.

4. eye makeup; Korean girls focus more on bright and minimalist eye makeup, western girls are bolder in the use of smokey eye shadow

Korean girl applying eyeliner with a thin and simple without form diverse to display the natural impression and puppy eyes. Western girls want to produce more open eyes by providing a lot of styles on eyeliner like eyecat statement.
For eyeshadow, Korean girls love bright and soft colors like peach, pink, brown, and beige. Its application is simple, using only one color on the eyelid. While the western girl likes the makeup of the bold and smokey eyes with dark eyeshadow color selection like black, dark gray, bronze, or copper. They want their eyes to stand out.
Unlike Western girls who are concerned with the thick dramatic lashes, Korean girls rarely use fake lashes, so the use of eyelash curlers and natural mascara is essential.
Korean girl is not too confusing eye bag or eye-bag, it is eye-bag becomes one of the parts considered to have an innocent effect. Medium western girls have a fairly high level of coverage on the bottom of the eye.

5. Contour and highlights; Korean girls prefer to use highlights to brighten some parts of the face, while western girls prefer contour techniques to be taut and stand outKorean girl is not so familiar with contouring because it is considered to eliminate the natural nature of the face. They prefer to use the technique of highlights, namely the enlightenment of some salient parts so it looks more shiny. Or apply a brightly colored blush on the top of the cheekbone to produce an oval face shape.

While the western girl considers contour as a preferred technique to highlight certain faces and give the impression of a taper. They often use color corrector to correct imperfections on face shape, eg concealer to brighten dark facial skin.

6. Lips; western girls tend to be more daring and sexy with bold and dark colors. While the trend in Korea is more directed to candy colors like pink and orange

Korean girls like to use ombre technique that gives the impression cute and small lip shape. The most widely used choice of formula is lip-tint, brightly colored as pink, peach, red or orange.

Contrary to the western girl who uses the trend Kylie Jenner, looks full and matte. The use of lip liner is very important to give a firm line that forms the lips, so the lips look bigger and volume.

In general, Korean dandan a la more emphasis on natural beauty of skin without too much color on the face to get the look of youth. In contrast to the characteristic make-up a la west more character. So, what kind of grooming do you want to make reference to?

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