Know the Benefits of Equestrian

Know the Benefits of Equestrian [/ caption]

(Back to nature makes remember to be more often grateful) Hmm like follow-up promotion of one of the presidential candidates ya ?? … the thought that flashed while going to write this. But since pure is not his intention for that, then still take the liberty to write the benefits of riding.

The reason is more because the new two days yesterday ride a horse in Kaluga, which is arguably a suburb area, because it is already past the MKAD or border ring 3 cities of Moscow. Equestrian clubs here turn out quite a lot. Sports from a long time seemed to have to spend a lot of money, in fact many also ditekuni here, proven horse clubs scattered in the suburbs and the city of Moscow.

It used to be a riding exercise, and was very happy to have that opportunity. Incidentally given the opportunity to exercise that does not require a fee, only the cost to make food terakir in the stall only. Then had several times riding a horse if to Puncak or to Bandung, it was not riding like a horse racing exercise.

Some days there is a chance to spare off, then think what to do without having to board a plane or spend a lot of money. Then cross to feel the riding again, why not in Moscow this. Searching all over the web that contains about horse clubs in Moscow was unexpected.

Equestrian sport is not a sports prestige for the affluent, it is a regular sport, even according to some experts used to help our special friends in their treatment.

Riding might look like the rider is just cool to sit on a horse, then then the horse does all the work, but riding is not as easy as it seems. There are many things while riding where the horse will not perform as expected. Further riding has quite a lot of benefits. Horseback riding is a fun sporting hobby for adults and children.

At first it may feel that just learning to sit on a saddle and controlling a horse is a challenge that comes after, but after continuing to ride will encounter many different problems, so we continue to train in order to know and make communication with horses. Even the most experienced horseman has to admit that there is always something new that keeps learning for this.

Research has shown that with lifelong learning to know this indirectly will be able to prevent memory loss. Just like muscles, the brain also has a need for exercise to keep stimulating the formation of new cells. Horses provide stimulation to the brain to work actively.

One way to help our special friend with hippotherapy, this is pretty much here, and may help our friends in this way is still rare in Indonesia. With hippotherapy it can create harmonious combinations of body orientation techniques and make a cognitive impact on the psyche of the patient. Other benefits of course will certainly create a sense of fun while riding a horse, then physical and mental fitness and road opportunities to enjoy the open countryside.

Equestrian can also make balance and coordination also more developed motor functions. Other benefits strengthen muscles, prevent muscle cramps, accelerate reflexes, improve joint mobility, improve blood circulation, improve cardiovascular system, stimulate sensory integration, enhance visual perception of space, besides making sense of responsibility, patience and self discipline, increase confidence.Quite a lot of reading doctor's articles in Russia suggest horseback riding for people who have suffered heart attacks, because riding creates a positive effect for them especially on the circulatory system, breathing, digestion and nervous system as well as distressing stress as well as depression.

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In riding women have a special advantage, where in fact women who have a high emotional level, but while riding can be as a natural anti-depressant. In this case riding can train to manage from the romantic and emotional side of women, in addition to the environment and fresh air can make mental conditions for the better. So horseback riding is one of the most beautiful ways to spend time, getting rid of all the worries and problems, Rest and a bit of escape the noise of the city noise.

Walking with horses makes a direct connection with nature, can also as a friend entertainer, especially when walking across the countryside with the scenery is still natural and cool, it can indirectly as anti-stress and depression. Because it is not surprising if there is a package of riding a weekend tour in the countryside specifically for individuals, groups, or families. Where that amazes is the accommodation or lodging that can be used only with a makeshift village house or live in tents (camping).

Thinking back, everything is a creation of the Creator of the Almighty, re-grateful and enjoy the nature and surroundings so as to make ourselves more aware we are nothing … is not as sophisticated as any of today's rice but still the more rice contains the more duck … only people who do not want to realize that there is no rice that is always upright ….

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