Know the World Writing Demands Or Needs

Know the World Writing Demands Or NeedsKhairul Azan (Lecturer STAIN Bengkalis & Chairman DPD GAMa Riau Bengkalis Regency)

From birth to the world basically humans must be dealing with the name of literacy. Humans are taught to read, write and so on. Literary language can be interpreted as the ability to write and read (literacy). Literacy comes from the Latin "Literatus" which means the person who learns.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word literacy comes from the Latin term "literature" and the English is "letter". Literacy is defined as the ability or quality of literacy / literacy in which includes the ability to read and write. In the context of Indonesian literacy it is known as illiterate or can not read.

Writing is an obligation. Because by writing we can recognize and change the world according to our own perspective. As Imam Al-Ghazali says "If you are not a king's son and you are not a great scholar, then be a writer."

The phrase implies that what we think and what ideas are recorded in our minds will be valuable and useful and heard by others when all those ideas and thoughts are tied up in literary form. Although we are not a son of a king who has power and not the son of the scholar who all his words have always been a role model. The writing that we scratch will be hit by people even though we are gone.

Therefore writing should be a necessity rather than a demand. Especially for an educator be it Teacher or Lecturer. Because the science delivered will be constantly remembered, useful and learned when everyone is poured in a writing, whether books, journals and others.

Positioning writing as needs dimaknai we always depend on it. So when we do not live and do it will feel something is missing in us. That's how it is written. Something that becomes the need to form a habit, where the habit will lead to ingrained culture. Such as the need for prayer as a manifestation of human interaction to the creator of the universe Kholiq. But on the contrary when we positioned as demands it will be hard to do.

Speaking to write is easy. Easy for people who know the strategy and hard for people who do not know streteginya. In writing there are several factors that influence a person to become a prolific writer. Some of these factors are as follows.

Will. Something that is impossible to be realized if you want to be a writer but do not have the will from within to dare to start scratching what is thought and what is conveyed through a writing. Because basically writing it is pouring an idea and communicating through a scratch that is "writing". Therefore, the inability to write is not due to the problem of time that is not there or the skills that are not owned but the will is still in question. As Stephen King says, "To be a writer, all it takes is a strong willingness to write and then to practice it, a person who has only the will to write but never does it is tantamount to dreaming of owning a car, with no effort and hard work to have it" .

Looking for a source of motivation. Writing is like seeing the ocean waves sometimes high, sometimes low and when there is no wind then the sea water will become calm without waves. So also in writing. A person's motivation is often like a sea waves that are sometimes too passionate and there is also a complete lack of motivation.

To arouse self-motivation (intrinsic motivation) it is necessary to motivate from outside ourselves (extrinsic motivation) in order to arouse a spirit that is increasingly buried. Extrinsic motivation provides benefits in terms of mutual sharing and complementarity. Because it does not close one of the obstacles we can not write because it does not know where we started. Therefore, extrinsic motivation is very influential for a writer. Extrinsic motivation can be a writing forum, and others. The important thing to encourage each other not to drop because of his inability to work.Diligent reading. Writing is identical to reading. As Hernowo says "Good writer, because he is a good reader". Because by reading inspiration will arise due to the wider knowledge of the sciences discussed. There is a word to say "read is the window of the world". Yes, it is true. Because by reading the breadth of the world will feel close. Where to read as if the world without borders.

We know the condition of society dibelahan any world through reading. We know what people do in any world through reading. Reading is not just limited to sources we might imagine only printed books (narrow meaning). But reading at this time can be interpreted in a broad sense. We can read from any source either electronic books, imitation journals, blogs and others as. So that with a lot of reading makes us rich with inspiration and a brilliant idea that became the forerunner of a writing.

Write regularly. Writing is to stimulate brain function to work more leverage. Brain work will be maximal when done regularly. Therefore in writing is required to always write wherever located, in any condition and situation, although only one paragaraf. With so sure the inspiration will continue to emerge because the brain is used.

These are some of the personal experiences that writers feel when choosing a path to the world of literacy. May be useful. Aminn …

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