Knowing Brown Planthopper, The Hama Padi

Knowing Brown Planthopper, The Hama PadiBrown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens) is one of the most dangerous and harmful rice pests, especially in Southeast Asia and East Asia. Usually brown planthopper attacked rice plants aged 15 hst and pests of planthopper can form two generations, whereas if it attacks the rice plants around the age of 30 hst then he can only live a generation. The population of one generation of planthopper will reach the peak one month after the attack.

Imago brown planthopper there are two types of long-winged aphids and short-winged aphids. Long-winged brown planthopper pests will be able to fly and move away from one plant to another. This long-winged brown planthopper is the widespread spreader of brown plant hopper. Brown planthopper pests have a type of stucco mouth in the form of stilet, this tool serves to suck the young plants and soft. This pest will lay the eggs at the base of the midrib, this place is also a living place nymph brown planthopper.

Brown planthopper can breed quickly, able to use food well before other insects compete, able to find new habitats quickly before the old habitat is not useful anymore, adapt quickly. That's why Control of aphis is done by determining the peak of the arrival of the immigrant wereng and usually at the beginning of the rainy season or dry season but there is rain. Symptoms incurred from the attack of brown planthoppers are stems and leaves become dry and brown color known as hopperburn. In the early stages of attack leaves and stems are still green although around the clump found hundreds of birds and insects mature adults. New dry planting symptoms appear in advanced attack with severe intensity.

How to control brown planthoppers?

Use rice plants with superior varieties resistant aphis
Observe the existence of an immigrant planthopper with a trap light when there is an immigrant population
Observe the popolation from the beginning in the nursery
Using natural enemy mushroom pest of brown planthopper (fungus Metharizium anisopleaedan mushroom Beuveria basiana)
Control using natural enemies / predators (paedorus fuscifes, spiders, cooccinella sp, Ophionea nigrofasciata etc)
Selective use of insecticides
Looking for more information on other farmers or via the internet

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