Knowing Sore Throat, Causes And Symptoms

Knowing Sore Throat, Causes And – Ever felt a very itchy throat, tend to get sick or like burning? If so, chances are you're experiencing a sore throat. Mmm, what is it? Quoted from page, sore throat is an inflammation that occurs in the back of the throat or pharynx. During this strep throat is also known as pharyngitis. Because of this pharyngitis or inflammation, the throat feels sick, like burning and itching and difficulty swallowing both to swallow food and drink.

What Causes Sore Throat?

According to some medical experts, sore throat is generally caused by two things. These are infections (viruses and bacteria) and non-infectious causes (allergies, tumors, symptoms of HIV / AIDS, Irritable and GERD or digestive system disorders where gastric acid or other contents of the stomach back up (reflux) into the esophagus).

Some viruses that cause inflammation include Common Cold, Flu (Influenza), measles virus, chickenpox virus, mononucleusis (mono) and croup virus or a virus that causes coughing and is characterized by a loud cough and barking. As for bacteria that cause inflammation include Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria, the bacteria that cause infectious respiratory tract infections and diphtheria or serious diseases that interfere with the respiratory system.

In addition to the above, some experts say if sore throat also occurs because foods that contain lots of fat such as fried foods, spicy foods, foods that are not hygienic or air pollution. Some people suffer from sore throat because of allergies to dust, vehicle fumes and other air pollution. Not infrequently, sore throat also occurs due to the consumption of ice cubes or cold water. Low temperatures of ice are said to be very susceptible to inflammation.

So, How Symptoms Of Strep throat?

When a person suffers from strep throat, the symptoms that usually appear are body temperature increases up to 38 degrees Celsius, difficulty swallowing food or drink, feeling pain and aching on the muscles of the body, experiencing headaches, excessive fatigue, cough and throat itching and colds . Some other symptoms you can feel when experiencing sore throat are, sore throat and swelling, the rash on the skin of the body is also nausea accompanied by vomiting.

Ladies, that's a review of sore throat, its causes and symptoms. If you have this inflammation, consult your doctor immediately. Not infrequently, sore throat that often befall you is a symptom of the existence of other diseases that are harmful in the body.

To avoid strep throat, make sure that you avoid hot, fatty and spicy foods or beverages. Avoid bad habits of smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, eating or drinking foods and drinks containing dyes, preservatives, flavorings etc. Be sure to always maintain personal hygiene and environment, drink enough water and exercise enough. I hope this information is helpful. Hopefully, we are kept away from various diseases, yes. ^ ___ ^

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