Komnas Animal Protection, Should

Komnas Animal Protection, ShouldKOMNAS ANIMAL PROTECTION, HELP?

Hardi Baktiantoro, Executive Director of the Center for Orangutan Protection.

Surely, this will collide with the authority of the Ministry of Forestry, especially if the issue is linked to wild animals. In order not to collide, it needs clarity of authority and responsibility. The rampant formation of the various National Commissions shows that the existing bureaucracy is not working. The emergence of this discourse is inseparable from the poor performance of the Ministry of Forestry as the authority of wild animals in Indonesia. So there must be an alternative policy to answer the problem. The question is whether to establish a National Commission?

In the animal world, it is clear and clear that Indonesia can still be categorized as barbaric. Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Indian Nation states that the moral progress of a nation can be judged how the nation treats its animals. The initiator of the petition of the National Commission for the Protection of Animals has presented several reasons, including: the slaughter of orangutans in Kalimantan and elephants in Aceh and the condition of the Surabaya Zoo.

I think the condition of wild animals in Indonesia is already serious, meanwhile, the Ministry of Forestry is preoccupied with various ceremonial to cover up the real problem. For example: planting movement of a tree semilyar. This is meaningless if forested areas that become wildlife habitats continue to be sold out to palm oil companies for clearance. Memorandums of Understanding for wildlife protection with companies with poor track records are continuing. Looks good but the impact is bad in the field. Legal but wrong. Honest officers at the frontline will not dare to enforce the rules.

There is an unwritten rule in the world of management, whether an organization depends on the boss. Jokowi and Ahok prove that Jakarta has been complicated since the first, one by one began to unravel the problem. They focus work, solve problems. In the hands of Dahlan Iskan, one by one our state-owned company began to benefit. It is not the time of SOEs to lose money and become a cow of corrupt officials and members of parliament. Jokowi – Ahok and Dahlan Iskan are not working alone. They are smart to manage existing human resources.

I worked in the wild animal protection world since 1996. Get to know the Ministry of Forestry. Lots and lots of smart and good people, who should be able to work professionally. The Ministry of Forestry entered the best period when its Minister Jamaludin Suryohadikusumo, one of the founders of the BOS Foundation. I know him as someone who is expert in his field and has a passion. Different with current ministers who can take office for winning the political lottery. Spreading down, if his men wrong take political allegiance, then his career could be finished.

The new Komnas, despite its noble spirit, could easily be dragged into the vortex of wasted culture and corruption. The original idea was knocked out by new, smarter politicians, who had no clear track record in the animal protection world. The new National Commission needs offices, cars, employees and all that needs money. I do not want my tax money to be used to pay people who compete for Toyota Camry cars like in other National Committees, which is not yet clear on the work and achievements.

Finally, replace the Minister of Forestry. Find who can work and have passion to wild animals. I am sure, the staff of the Ministry of Forestry and its partners will be excited again because it is supported by superior and healthy system.

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