Komodo Island-Journey of Love

Komodo Island-Journey of LoveSource: Pink Beach (Doc: www.indonesia-impressionstour.com)

Komodo Island – Journey of Love

Source: Pink Beach (Doc: www.indonesia-impressionstour.com)

If you ask anyone living in Indonesia about life around these parts, everyone will have a different answer. Everyone had different experiences here in Indonesia. And Indonesia is full of activities and fun things to do on every corner whether its day or night, village or city.

But what makes it so perfect? What makes it paradise on Earth? Does it have something special that makes it so unique and intriguing? Is it because of the numerous beaches? Maybe its the uncountable number of islands, or maybe its because of the flora and fauna. Whatever something special is, you cant find it anywhere else besides Indonesia.

One thing that leaves satisfied tourists is the inhabitants themselves. Indonesians are considered nice people. If you ever get lost, theres always someone willing to help you find your way. Although Indonesians can be pretty crazy when it comes to traffic, they will help you in hard times. This is one reason why you should visit Indonesia.

People arent the only land dwellers, here in Indonesia. Indonesia has a wide variation of flora and fauna ranging from Jaguars to Monkeys, to snakes and Rhinoceros. This is because Indonesia is at the line where Oriental biodiversity meets up with Australian. A really long time ago, long before we were born, Indonesia used to be just one chunk of land. So flora and fauna was the same everywhere. But soon the land flooded and land animals are forced into islands.

Source: Bali Coast (Doc: wordseals.eu)

When Indonesia split into many islands, so did animals. Animals on islands evolve separately, so thats why there are many different types of animals on different islands. Many animals arent known to man yet. Sea animals werent affected if there was land or not. They were mostly chilled and kept cool because water was plentiful here on earth.

In fact, sea creatures are also plentiful here in Indonesia. Coral reefs and funny sea animals swim across the big blue sea. Snorkeling is one of the fun activities you can do here in Indonesia. You can see a variety of fish, sea turtles and life in the sea. Just watch out for sharks!

I cant visit all the islands in Indonesia, but if I have a choice to pick any location in Indonesia and travel on Komodo Island, home of the komodo dragons and one of the worlds wonders . It doesnt even look like a dragon at all. It looks more like an overgrown lizard, which is actually great because I love lizards!Source: Komodo Dragon (Doc: www.telegraph.co.uk)

Dragons in Komodo Island. First of all they dont breathe fire and they dont fly. Dragon movie nowadays. Komodo dragons dont breathe out fire in order to catch their prey, but they are still dangerous. Super dangerous in fact, dragons dragons have razor sharp teeth and are extremely fast. They dont look that fast at first. And theyre probably lazy too, but dont let that fool you.

The dragons dragons speed and razor sharp teeth arent enough. To complete this beast, it has toxic venom which is able to kill a grown man. Fortunately they dont eat your shoes and clothing, so you can have those back.

What makes this island is Komodo dragon. Nowhere else on earth has this amazing animal. I would like to see it if I ever get the chance. This is my article for The Journey of Love, thank you for reading!

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