Lasada Pine Forest, Virgin Forest Tours

Lasada Pine Forest, Virgin Forest Tours

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Sunday, that morning, in Lasada Village, District of Asinua, Konawe District. The sun still shines shyly and some people prefer to curl up in the blankets. Some youngsters were eager to walk towards the hills. With difficulty, Masrit together with seven colleagues continue to walk.

A field by the side of the road becomes a stop. A row of pine trees soared into view, the thickness of the forest began to be drawn, the fog became a sign, and the morning was still cold. When first climbing the plantation of the surrounding community becomes a limiting path, from vegetables, toga plants, to crops, such as pepper, chocolate to fruits, water granules in the foliage into evidence of the cool air around it.

Pine Forest, as it is part of the forest in the area of ??RPH (Resort Management Forest) Lasada is overgrown with pine trees. It did not take long to get to the foot of the hill just walking about 20 minutes from the settlement. If you want to visit this forest, the distance is about 20 Kilometers (KM) from the capital of Konawe, Unaaha. When driving, it takes about an hour. To climb it, a distance of 100 meters from the foot of the hill did not take long.

Fatigue that appears on the way, guaranteed to gradually disappear when you first see the beauty of this pine forest, ie when it has reached the top of a pine hill.

In the distance, the towering tree shaped like a tunnel and shaped with natural green color, neat rows of trees with a distinctive aroma of pine, a breeze that welcomes visitors to make the atmosphere more cool and pamper the eyes. The paddy fields from the heights look stretched as if without borders covered with a little fog that is increasingly spoil the eye. Although the steep climbing path that berkemiringan about 40 degrees seemed just a regular mound. the silence with the occasional chirping of birds makes the atmosphere more comfortable.

As Masrit and his friends set foot on the ground, mostly covered with dried pines, like tapestries, the rays of the sun climbed high and were seen beginning to peek from the sidelines of the pine. The warm glow inevitably repels the cold that accompanied them since they arrived.

Lasada Pine Forest, virgin forest tour. said Masrit in a joking tone, breaking the silence with the laughter of some of his colleagues.

Celote a bunch of youths who were interspersed with laughter began to fill the silence that had only contained the sound of the friction of the leaves. It did not take long, some of them began to pose fun and perpetuate the style of using the camera.

While people are excited about capturing every moment in camera shots, I choose to think what the masrit seems to say is true, from some of the people we met say, if the pine forest is rarely visited so that the forest is still preserved and the natural atmosphere is still thick.

Enjoy the atmosphere of pine foliage. The rustling of leaves and twigs into one that is able to darken everyone into the fantasy. The serene atmosphere in the Lasada Pine Forest was able to wipe out all the burdens.

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