Learn to live from a Boy Without Sandals

Learn to live from a Boy Without SandalsTuesday, October 22, 2013, for many times I came home from campus past Pasteur Street, bored indeed, every day we have to go through the same road, same atmosphere, even with the same defect.As usual, when started entering the road pasteur hundreds of motor and cars have been lined up to meet the road, not just transport even people participate down the street, as if exacerbating the congestion. Well like this is the atmosphere of Bandung now, almost the same as the atmosphere of our beloved Jakarta Capital City.

For almost an hour I wrestled with the jam, until I finally arrived at Dr. intersection. Djunjunan (Jalan Surya Sumantri), by chance when the traffic light was still red, so I had to wait for a while, while being cool with the reverie, suddenly "boy wearing a tangled suit, and without sandals it goes towards zebracross while leads a small monkey tied up with a chain, with the happy face of the "boy" trying to cheer the riders, and hoping for compassion from us, but unfortunately few people empathize with him.

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Perhaps the riders are busy, or maybe because there is a presumption that most 'kid' will spend his money to buy glue? I have no idea. Most importantly we have tried to help our less fortunate brothers.

Then the "boy" walked over to the shoulder of the road, then sat back against the maze of traffic signs, with the smiling smile that he played with the little monkey, whom he might have regarded as his own friend. Then the "boy" poured water into a glass of glass, a glass? More precisely the little glass of mineral water, then the water he gave to a small monkey, with the spirit of a small monkey drink the water given by the "boy" man. Small children are willing to share with a monkey, while we as adults, whether willing to share with an animal? With humans alone is not necessarily willing, especially with an animal?

This is the face of the next generation of the nation? Still small already struggling on the streets? Fighting alone without anyone to accompany, even if there is only accompanied by a small animal that has no sense of mind? Where are the officials who say they defend the people?

Is not the right of a child to get guidance from his parents? have protection from discrimination, exploitation, neglect and injustice? even in Law No. 23 of 2002 on child protection it is explained that children have the right to rest, make use of spare time, mingle with their peers, and play.

But the reality is far from the rules that have been established, the proof is still a lot of small children who have to support himself. this seems to reinforce the notion that Rules are made to be broken.

A few moments later the green light came on, I went home with a new understanding, an understanding that taught me that science can be obtained from anywhere, at any time, even from any profession.

From that boy I learned that life is not easy, life is unpredictable, and sometimes the child's life requires a bigger struggle.

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