Learn To Release

Learn To ReleaseEveryone must feel the love, whether the reply or not. It's my story of loving someone I can not have. It's not a strange thing to hear the term 'I'm happy as long as he's happy' I honestly do not quite agree with that.

How can you be happy if someone you love with others?

I love her even before I know her deeper. When the universe seemed to support everything until I was lulled by my feelings for her. As time goes by, it does not fade a bit of my feelings for her, though only I immersed myself until at some point I began to saturate with all this. I also asked 'does he have the same feelings as me or only I feel myself?' At one point I dared myself to ask and make sure everything I wanted to know and the answer I got was 'I alone felt it and did not with him a bit'.

Time passed, since then and until now I have never met him again. This feeling is increasingly forced like anything is actually still stored in a room in the heart, a name for him that sometimes I expect he will have a taste for me. Again I was convinced mealui my friend who is also his friend that he wanted me to go and did not expect anything from him.

Honest though without communication and face-to-face for almost a year, it still feels painful to hear the story of my friend at that time. It turns out that learning to be sincere is difficult, the mouth says but it can be assured that the heart and actions are not in line with it. As the saying goes 'life must go on no matter what'.

Today, I return to the place that I think is my memory of it and I return all my stories for him to his place. After three years brings this feeling to him, now I release him, I am sincere and let him reach for his own happy and I will grab my own. At least I never regretted loving him deeply.

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