Learning Flora and Fauna Directly in Kridaloka City Forest

Learning Flora and Fauna Directly in Kridaloka City ForestBiodiversity Warriors, HSBC, and Gelora Bung Karno are participated by Green Transformation (TRASHI) in cooperation with BBC Ardea National Biology Faculty, Biodiversity Warriors, HSBC, and Gelora Bung Karno. The biodiversity stored in the Krida Loka Forest can be an attraction. People can come and take advantage of green space positively. One of them as a means of educating biodiversity.

The inauguration of infographic maps and information boards of flora and fauna is expected to be a momentum of introducing and conserving biodiversity. Particularly the biodiversity in Krida Loka Forest which is managed by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry of DKI Jakarta under the auspices of the Ministry of State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by people in Krida Loka Forest neighborhood, students, and various environmental activist community groups. Sapta Pala SMA N 7 Jakarta, Green Indonesia Club, Jakarta Green Map, Biological Bird Club Ardea Faculty of Biology National University, KSHL Comata UI, Interstudi Design College, Sahabat Alam program from DAAI TV, and Biodiversity Warriors attended the inauguration ceremony.

The mapping of biodiversity begins with the observation of flora – fauna (Capture Nature) in September 2015 in Krida Loka Forest. The observations are made until the end of October 2016. "We hope this observation can provide insight to the younger generation of urban biodiversity and be able to equip them with the flora and fauna observation techniques that exist in the Green Open Space in Jakarta," said Ahmad Baihaqi, one of Biodiversity Warriors and also a student of the Faculty of Biology of the National University.

Currently, DKI Jakarta Province has at least only about 9% of green open space of its total area. Whereas Law Number 26 Year 2007 on Spatial Planning clearly shows that a city must have green open space as much as 30% of the total area. The area of ??30% of the total area is the minimum requirement to ensure the balance of the ecosystem of a city. This includes a balance of hydrological systems that are closely related to floods and increased availability of clean air. Seeing these conditions, Jakarta is actually far away in an ideal position.

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