Learning the Ways to Change the World from Arianna Huffington

Learning the Ways to Change the World from Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington's name may be less well known in Indonesia. However, in the world of politics and journalism, Arianna Huffington is no stranger anymore. He became one of the most influential women in the world according to Forbes magazine in 2013, in line with Malala Yousafzai, Hillary Clinton, and German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Being the director and editor of the online media editor of The Huffington Post is not an easy job for the mother of 2 children. However, his deepest passion in the world of journalism led The Huffington Post to be the Pulitzer award winner for the best online media category in 2012.

What did he do to achieve his success? Check out yuk, who knows he can be an inspiration to achieve your goals!

Big in the family of journalists and wandered at a young age

Raised in a family of journalists in Greece, Arianna Huffington whose real name is Arinna Stasinopolou follows in the footsteps of his father working in the journalistic world. Not wanting to live in an environment that can not make it grow, Arianna ventured to wander at the age of 16 years and continue studying at Cambridge University, England. Here, he showed his leadership spirit by successfully becoming the first non-English student and the third woman to lead the Cambridge Union debating club. After earning a Master of Economics degree, he decided to work in the UK and started working as a writer. In 1973, he began writing his first book, The Female Woman, which criticized women's freedom.

Political career did not go smoothly, finally writing that led to The Huffington Post

Decided to move to New York in 1980 and he met Michael Huffington in 1985. They decided to get married, but in 1997 divorced. During her marriage, she continued to support her husband's career as a member of the Republican congress and took part in politics. In 2003, he tried to run for governor of California, but failed.

In the course of his political career, Arianna Huffington was less lucky. But his struggle to criticize the government does not stop. His love of the world of writing and reading led to innovation in the world of online media by writing news and criticism in the form of blogs.

In May 2005, he launched The Huffington Post. Since then, the website has grown rapidly and become an influential online media in the world of American politics.

6 April 2007, became the culmination of Arianna's consciousness in her career

After 2 years working on raising the name of The Huffington Post, Arianna went into a very long work process. 18 hours of work becomes a habit because it follows the rhythm of working online media that is 24/7. Until finally at one point, in her study, Arianna fell unconscious and wounded her head and cheekbone. In the emergency room, he contemplates his life so far spent on his work routine. Fatigue and lack of sleep make her physically weak. From that time on, he adopted a new lifestyle and redefined the meaning of success according to his own.Many people say I am successful. Yes, I am successful. But if you are lying bloody on the floor of your office, your success is useless.

Towards success Arianna Huffington

My mother told me that failure is not the opposite of success; its a stepping stone to success. Youre going to fail, probably many times. But thats okay in fact, its essential. Very often, the difference between success and failure is simply perseverance. If we become so dependent on things, we are not in control of how the world is going to receive something.

1. Take care of your body health and move!

Take care of your body just like you take care of your smart phone.

The lifestyle of today's society is changing. Smartphones make people forget to take care of their own health. They are more focused on holding devices and working to earn a lot of money. What about the health of the body? When we get sick, then we realize how expensive that health.

Arianna who was born July 15, 1950 is now 64 years old and still looks fit. He is very healthy to maintain his body by trying to sleep early, and take a nap on the sidelines of busyness. In addition to sleep, move your body: walk, run, do a little warm up, exercise 15-20 minutes every day enough for your body.

2. Set your phone usage or your smartphone!

We treat our smartphones like Gods, while we ignore the health of our minds, bodies, spirits.

Always dependent on the device or the smart phone can make us stress, uneasy, anxious, tired and sickly. We are too focused on what happens on the phone screen to the point of forgetting to care for our souls and minds.

Arianna made the rules for herself by turning off all the devices and smartphones she had at night until the next morning. We can also follow these tips. Tell your coworkers that your phone will not be active after 9 pm to 6 am Give your soul time to relax and enjoy time with family.Do not always rely on existing technology because it can drive you crazy.

3. Stop your busy life. Time to enjoy the world.

So often we bury ourselves in our to-do lists, in our charts, in our plans, and we just pretend to actually live.

Behind the words, Arianna invites more people to enjoy life more. What is there now, enjoy! We do not know what will happen in the future. Doing the planning is good, but do not be too focused on spending your time and thoughts just to think of a list of plans. Do not worry too much about your future, because it can make you tired and stressed out.

Spend time with family and loved ones can be a hibura for your soul. Or, make a trip to visit the sights, it can refresh your mind.

4. Do good for the people around you

Arianna Huffington now has a wealth of 315 million US dollars. Imagine what he could do with that kind of money. However, Arianna is not the type of person who spends her money for partying. He prefers sharing with people who are more in need.

Arianna is also known as a friendly and cheap person smile. Habit always greets his employees. For him, establishing relationships between workers is a must. He always greeted and chatted with the janitor or waiter in his office. His high office does not make him forget the people who have helped him. By doing good, it helps the soul to calm down and make the mood work better.

5. Remember: We can change the world!

The Huffington Post is proof that with writing, you can change the world. By inspiring many people, Arianna Huffington succeeds in getting people to think critically about what's happening in the world.

According to Arianna, everyone can change the world. How to?Stop complaining and blaming others, discard your bad habits. Start building friendships with people who have a positive spirit. Learn from them, because then we can change the world.

Remember to yourself: you can do it! Do not be afraid to fail!

If something happens beyond your expectations, do not blame yourself. Take a deep breath and calm your soul, then think of your next plan. everything's have solution.

Success can be achieved by everyone. Arianna Huffington has proved it. From his love of the writing world, he can now become one of the successful women and can change the world.

If you have a love in a certain field, live and never be afraid to slump. If Arianna can, there's no reason for you not to.

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