Lecture on PKI, Alfian Tanjung Arrested Police

Lecture on PKI, Alfian Tanjung Arrested Police

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Police Criminal Investigator arrested Lecturer Prof. Muhammadiyah University. Dr Hamka (UHAMKA) Alfian Tanjung after being questioned as a suspect.

Alfian allegedly slander and defamation by leveraging the Indonesian Communist Party in his lecture.

Head of Public Information Division of Police Public Relations Division, Martinus Sitompul said, Alfian detained since Tuesday (30/5/2017).

"The person has been detained since today," said Martinus, when confirmed.

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Alfian was reported by a resident of Surabaya, East Java, named Sujatmiko for giving a lecture with material on the PKI.

At that time, he was speaking at the mosque Mujahidin, Surabaya.

Martinus said the Alfian detention was an objective and subjective consideration of the investigator.

"Detention is in accordance with the provisions of the law," said Martinus.

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Meanwhile, the Chief of Criminal Investigation Police, Gen. Ari Dono Sukmanto, said the investigator had bagged two evidences to keep Alfian.According to Ari, allegations of Alfian must be proven by law.

Alfian was previously reported by the Chief of Staff of the Presidency of Teten Masduki for calling Teten a PKI cadre.

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He also said that the Presidential Staff Office building located in Binagraha Building, Presidential Palace Complex, is often used as a meeting place of PKI by Teten and his friends.

Alfian claimed to have evidence of his allegations. He is ready to prove it in front of the investigator.

"Ready to get the PKI up is the real is come back," said Alfian when met at the Press Council office, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (8/3/2017).

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In addition, Alfian was also reported to Polda Metro Jaya for calling PDI-P cadres and people close to President Joko Widodo PKI.

In his Twitter account, Alfian writes that as many as 85 percent of PDI-P cadres are PKI cadres.

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Alfian also briefly mentioned Press Council Member Nezar Patria as a PKI cadre. Nezar immediately cast a call.After receiving the letter of reprimand, Alfian confessed wrong and mistaken by calling Nezar as a PKI cadre while giving speeches in several recitation communities.

President Joko Widodo previously asserted, Pancasila is the only ideology in Indonesia.

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Therefore, if there are community organizations that want to break out or disturb the ideology of Pancasila and other pillars of the state, namely the 1945 Constitution, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, are considered to be contrary to the very fundamental things for the Indonesian nation.

Jokowi also ensure, the country will not be silent in the face of these undermining movements.

"If there are organizations like that, yes we gebuk," said Jokowi.

Not only the anti-Pancasila, even the state will also 'menggebuk' mass organizations communist.

It is stipulated in MPRS Decree Number 25 of 1966 stating that the Indonesian Communist Party is a forbidden organization.

"Yes we are dumped, we kick, it is clear that, do not ask again, do not ask again .. The legal umbrella is clear, TAP MPRS," said Jokowi.

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