Let Out Fajr Prayers No Sleep Again, Try Doing These 10 Simple Things!

Let Out Fajr Prayers No Sleep Again, Try Doing These 10 Simple Things!Whether because of sleep too late or indeed exhausted, wake up at dawn is hard to practice. You are a Muslim and pray 5 times, usually just wake up to pray at dawn only. After that? Sleep again!

In fact, there are many useful activities that you can do in the morning you know. So, it's a pity if you missed it once.

Therefore, check out the 10 tips that Hipwee has prepared so you will not sleep again after dawn prayer!

1. Although cold, take a shower before praying is good for the freshness of the body

Cold water often makes you lazy to take a shower in the morning. In fact, the cold will only be felt in the early spray alone. Afterwards, your body will adjust and the water no longer feels very cold. Morning bath is also useful to accelerate blood circulation. After bathing, you will feel fresh and ready to start the activity. Guaranteed deh freshness is felt when you perform worship and after prayer.

2. Do other worship. All accumulate rewards; p

Your mother said: Abhis prayer do not forget dhikr and read Al-quran ya Dek.

Your answer: Yes Maaaa * then sleep again *

Unfortunately if the morning does not start with a positive thing. While it's still early and there's not much activity to do yet, you can use your morning with worship.

By noon to evening your days are filled with worldly activity. So, do not hurt dong maximize worship after dawn prayer?

3. You can also create a schedule of activities you want done during the whole day. Let your life be more organizedNgerjain thesis first deh, abis it new clean-up kosan. Hmm means the way with friends later afternoon aja.

Planning what things to do today really helps you set priorities. You have not trained yourself in charge of yourself. The tasks can be solved well. Not only that aja, you can also see whether in the afternoon or afternoon later have free time that you can use with family and friends. If you do not have one? Yes the play is delayed until tomorrow. That way, you will not ketetran.

4. Still in the morning means the spirit is still passionate. It is better menyicil college or office tasks

The body is still fresh in the morning is very good for use on the move. Therefore, it is better you fill the spare time after dawn prayer by installing unfinished tasks. With a passionate spirit, your job will be quickly completed and easier to work on other activities.

5. Let me not say miss info, watching the latest news in the morning can be applied lho

Eh watch out, do not let dirty water so well in the tub. Later we get the virus Zika, you know.

What is Zika virus?

Keeping up with the latest world information is necessary as a social being. Conversations with people around often are about the latest events. There are times when your friends need your comments or opinions on the issue. For that, do not want you to miss the news and disappoint the other person? After all, watching news adds to your wider knowledge.

6. The morning air is very beneficial for the body. Therefore, try the roads in the neighborhood

Around the complex ah mumpung still early there is no air pollution.

The air in the morning is still far from pollution. Therefore, the morning air is great for the freshness of body and mind. You can get out of the house for a while to wander around while breathing fresh air. The presence of morning dew also gives a positive effect for you to start work.7. Not just a walk, a little exercise is also good because the positive circulation in the body and can clear the mind

Exercising can provide a positive circulation in the body and clear the mind. Plus if you can consistently exercise in the morning you will be motivated to live more regularly and diligently in all things. Long-time, not anymore deh lazy show activities during the day is still morning.

8. Breakfast is important, even if it is just bread and milk. So, prepare breakfast yuk!

Breakfast is good at starting the activity because it is in the morning that the whole beginning of life in full day begins. To begin with, the body needs the energy gained from food. Not only that, breakfast is also good to increase brain concentration you know. Breakfast can also improve the decreased sugar levels during sleep. The brain also requires energy intake to think with good concentration power. Thus, the activity will run smoothly and energetically.

9. After some of the above activities are done, when somewhat relaxed you can continue to check email and social media if you support in daily activities

What the hell is that? New also up here at 6 am, uh later at 10 o'clock already duty again wrote out of town.

Checking emails and social media is a good idea to do not too often. If too often do it, then it is feared negatively affect the health of your body and mind. We recommend checking email and social media when you have free time. For example? In the morning.

10. If the drowsiness again, it's good to sleep after sunrise

If it is overnight stay or sleepiness attack unbearable, it's good you continue to sleep when the sun is rising, ie above 6.30 am. Your mind will be calm because previously have been installing some work after the dawn prayer earlier.

So much favors are gained from positive activities in the morning. By not sleeping again, you have taken advantage of the opportunity to set sleep patterns and activities. Your body becomes healthier and your brain can think clearly. That way, everyday activities will run smoothly and well for you.

Good luck with these tips!

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