Let the CIA Control the Climate of the World

Let the CIA Control the Climate of the World [/ caption]

Is a leading American climate expert from New Jerseys Rutgers University named Prof. Alan Robock specializes in influencing the release of aerosols into the atmosphere. He says he has been approached by representatives of the US Foreign Intelligence Agency to use his expertise to regulate and disrupt the world's climate.

He told me that he got a call from two consultants who worked for the CIA who wanted to know how to know if there was another country that controlled American ilkim.

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In the conversation Prof. Alan says that it might happen if you put enough material to deflect the sunlight and if this happens we can find out what material is used. On the contrary Prof. Alan also said that they can do the same to regulate climate and weather in other countries.

caption = "Prof. Alan Robock (left) with Fidel Castro (right) Photo: https://www.envsci.rutgers.edu/"


The question continues to pertain to whether other countries can detect it if the Americans do this? According to Alan this question is certainly very scary, he said that he has learned a lot about what has been done by the CIA and often do not follow the rules of the general rules of the prevailing. He did not want the taxes he paid to be used to do something bad for other countries.

[Climatic modification technology is used to weaken other countries. Photo: https://i4.mirror.co.uk]
Two years ago the case surfaced where the CIA financed some research cooperation funds with the US National Academy of Sciences in the field of geo-engineering studies that conduct planetary climate interventions so as to alter the reflection of the earth or by releasing clouds to block sunlight. If such technology is owned then of course America can regulate and control climate and weather in a country.

During the Vietnam war the American military conducted an artificial cloud experiment to make a supply line for supplies to Ho Chi Minh City torrential downpours which resulted in the path muddy and impassable. This effort was meant to weaken the strength of the Vietnamese army at the time.Currently investigations are also underway to address the claims that Americans are using the same method of destroying sugar plantations in Cuba which is a major source of income for the country.

As usual what is fussed on the surface is usually the only iceberg phenomenon. Fear raised by Prof. Alan Robock this could have happened in the field because usually such research is done "below the surface" so that the results of what has been obtained is not known by the general public .

If this happens, it is conceivable that future methods of warfare are unnecessary to use weapons, but using natural factors-setting technology to destroy a country.

The experience of rain and floods in Jakarta seems to remind us how scary if climate-setting technology can be mastered and carried out by a country.

Source: The Times, The Australian

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