Life-Free Illness

Life-Free Illness

Image source: – Healthy life is actually simple, you need also not far from just moving the body. It is also often discussed in various health research.

As well as new research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society that reveals that you do not have to sweat a lot just to take the healthy benefits of physical activity.

In the study, women aged 65 and older simply do 30 minutes of leisurely walk or do various household cleaning activities to be able to reduce the risk of premature death. Moderate intensity exercise such as biking or walking fast so a better alternative to reduce the risk of death more.

Researchers involved 6 thousand women aged 65-99 years to use activity tracker to see their daily activities and follow for 3 years. Based on the data, researchers found that those who do physical activity move only, 30 minutes per day can reduce the risk of 12% lower to die, than those who do not.

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Better still, those who do moderate exercise exercise for 30 minutes, can reduce the risk of death by 39%. The study author, Andrea LaCroix, said that increasing physical activity from moving alone to moderate physical exercise can effectively prevent disease and prolong life.

In other words, it does not have to be aerobic or marathon gymnastics to be able to have a healthy body and long life. So, do not need to have to exercise hard every day to be healthy. Especially if you include people who are lazy sports. Simply move your body for 30 minutes, whether it's washing dishes, watering plants, cooking, cleaning cabinets and more, and that's enough to make you a little healthier.

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