Like Mowgli, This Girl is Found in the Forest of the Apes

Like Mowgli, This Girl is Found in the Forest of the – Last year, an adventure fantasy film based on the book The Jungle Book is able to entertain movie lovers in the world. The film that tells of the existence of a child named Mowgli who was raised by a herd of wolves was able to attract the attention of the audience. So, is it true that a herd of animals can nurture and raise a child just like what happened to this Mowgli?

Recently, the story of an 8 year old girl in India has become a horrendous story. The unnamed girl has just been found in the forest with herds of apes. Not just like the story of Mowgli, many consider what happened to this girl like Tarzan story.

Girl found in the forest and raised by a herd of apes | Photo: Copyright

Quoted from the page, in the forest area Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh found an 8 year old girl. This girl lives with herds of apes and behaves like an ape. When the forest security officer finds her, this girl screams like an ape, she also walks like a monkey and her body is covered with wounds. His condition was also very poorly not well maintained as a human being.

The sweet girl who was later taken to the local hospital could not even talk. When a forest security officer will take him, a herd of apes tries to protect him. Estimated, this girl has been raised by a herd of apes since he was very young.

Inspector Suresh Yadav, a local police officer, said: "We found it while playing with a flock of monkeys, and when we tried to get close to and help him, a herd of monkeys surrounded him as if he were protecting him.

After being hospitalized, the condition of this girl continues to improve Photo: Copyright

Regarding this girl, she has been found since two months ago. He has also been hospitalized well. His condition continued to improve and he was no longer afraid of the people around him. However, he still often behaved like an ape, walking with the use of two hands and occasionally squealing. It is not known what causes him to live in the forest with a herd of apes.

The police suspect that his family has thrown him away and he has to live with the flocks of apes in the forest.

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