Lips Women Are Like Duck Due to Plastic Surgery

Lips Women Are Like Duck Due to Plastic – Talk about plastic surgery does not always produce satisfactory results for patients. Plastic surgery is one of the answers to women's insecurity who are not satisfied with their physical condition. Intend to beautify themselves can actually produce the opposite.

Many factors make plastic surgery not running as expected. As experienced by reality show artist "Teen Mom", Farrah Abraham, his lips just become like a duck, not sexy. Launched by, some time ago Abraham upload photos of the results of his new lips surgery in Facebook account.

In the excerpt of his two photographs, he wrote Monday just got #Gagal California #ER #fixit .. Oh boy never again La Jolla needs better anymore like now … One shows the damage from the side and the other from the front. The expression was a form of Abraham's disappointment over the result of injection on his failed lips.

Abraham's Lips Injection Outcome Like a Duck from the Side and Front Side. | Photo: copyright

It is unclear what project he is living in California (where Abraham is operating), and if having too swollen lips would be a big loss for him who is a public figure, at least Abraham should be normal again at least on January 17th tomorrow when he meets shooting schedule in The Scene show in Commack, New York.

After Abraham uploaded a photo of his failure of lip surgery, he entertained himself on Twitter. He shared a photo of his comparison with Futurama Leela stars from several sides. Must love my new look. he wrote jokingly.

Photos of Farrah Abraham Before Plastic Surgery. | Photo: copyright

Considering Abraham's interview with US Weekly last year, he was not asked to return to MTV Teen Mom for Season 5, revealing that some of his plans for the following months and said he did not want to see 'false' (hypocritical) people again .

It is known that Abraham was undergoing a special relationship with a married man. On New Year's Eve yesterday before he had a lip injection, Abraham was seen kissing a man wearing a wedding ring. And that seems to be a good sign for Abraham's future.

We never know what Abraham's real motive is, so he can. It's just that, before a woman decides on plastic surgery should understand the procedures and consequences faced after surgery. Do not be disappointed with the results as happened to Abraham yes, ladies. God created ourselves is perfect you know. We just need to be thankful for God's blessings.

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