List 10 Environmentally Friendly Buildings in the World

List 10 Environmentally Friendly Buildings in the World

Image source:, Jakarta Architecture of a building not only prioritizes aesthetics, but also efficiency and function. Currently, architectural design trends are mostly focused on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly levels.

Architectural design trends that prioritize energy efficiency and environmentally friendly levels are increasingly mushrooming thanks to the development of environmentally friendly building materials technology.

In the UK for example, there are already buildings that can regulate the temperature inside and outside the room without having to use a cooler or electric heating room. While in Germany, a house is designed to be easily dismantled and recycled again.

Green building technology does not stop there, the media company building The New York Times was designed to adjust the movement of sunlight. Or like a museum in Milwaukee-USA can change shape as needed.

Here are 10 list of the world's most sophisticated building that is environmentally friendly from the old

1. The Milwaukee Art Museum Quadracci Pavilion, United States

Museums in Milkwaukee have uniqueness on the wings that can open and close in the direction of sunlight. By keeping the room temperature low, the use of electric-powered air conditioning can be reduced. This beautiful building is the work of a Spanish architect named Santiago Calatrava.

2. Eden Project, UK

Eden Project in the UK has a roof-like pillow made of Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene (ETFE). The roof cover can expand and shrink as needed, to keep insulation inside the building.

3. SAP headquarters, United States

This building is the headquarters of SAP Company in the United States. The uniqueness of this building is the automatic sensor to determine the needs in the room. So, the use of lights ascertained in accordance with the needs.3. House R128, Germany

The R128 home in Germany is home to cutting-edge technology, easily dismantled and 100% recyclable.

4. Media office building The New York Times, USA

This building has a kind of roller blind or giant krey, which opens and closes according to the movement of the sun. This feature can reduce the intensity of solar heat waves coming into the room.

5. Chartwell School, USA

Building Chartwell School in California, United States has the ability to condense fog and accommodate rain water. The collected water is then used for student activities, irrigation, and flushing toilets.

6. Waste House, UK

This house is made from waste, among others, 20,000 toothbrushes, 4,000 case dvd, 2,000 floppy disks, and 2,000 used carpets.

7. House "Fall", in California-United States

This house into the category of high-tech house for views of building materials such as glass that can save energy, equipped with ventilation that can open automatically. So it can help the air exchange.

8. Bamboo House, VietnamThis bamboo house into the home of the latest technology because, judging from the technology to glue each bamboo that became the foundation of the foundation of the building. The size of this house is 44m2. In addition to bamboo, other materials such as fiber boards, coconut leaves are needed. The price of making a house is only USD 2,500 or equivalent to Rp32, 9 million.

9. Slip House, London-UK

The house that has the name Slip House is located in London, England. The work of Carl Turner Architecture has an advantage that is environmentally friendly. Fitted with rainwater tanks, solar panels as a solar energy collector, mechanical ventilation requires less energy and sustainability. Because it can save 1.2 tons of CO2 per year.

10.P.A.T.H House, Paris-France

The high-tech house by Philippe Stark and Riko Construction has the theme of P.A.T.H (Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes). The advantages of this house is to use solar energy as a substitute for the sun that uses a diesel plate. In addition, the combination of glass and wood can help good air circulation. Plus the garden on the roof of the house that can help produce oxygen also adds green and beautiful home.

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