Live Noble or Dead Martha

Live Noble or Dead Martha

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, so the sentence that stuck to the door of the house where I lived in my childhood and often I read it at that time. Just stick to the door of the house, but not to the door of my heart. And when it comes to the door of the heart, no, how can that phrase enter and stay in the heart and become one of the givers of light that illuminate the way to a glorious life or die in martyrdom?

, it may have been a dozen years that sentence I forget, and viewed from any side, with the eyes of anyone, my life is currently still very far from what is called a noble life.

Hoping to die a martyr?

No, frankly I'm afraid to die, I do not want to die.

So what's the use of you living if your life is not noble? Is not looking for a way to death a martyr much better?

And what is the use of martyrdom if I live in a world that is not noble? Though He promised His heaven for those who were martyred, I really did not want to find a shortcut to heaven in ways that might be thought to give martyrdom and open a path where I could wade on it to heaven without caring about life my glorious world.

, reading an essay from a friend today suddenly reminds me with this sentence. The meaning of the noble life that I understand is a life that always brings goodness and good benefits for myself moreover for others, then I see noble life is not just a choice, but a duty. Regardless of a reward or not, there is no reward or no, there is heaven or not, the noble life it must be. And when life in glory is accomplished, there is no fear of dealing with death, for for those who live in glory, death is just like sleeping for a moment to wake up in a better life.

While I have not been in a noble life, I can only pray that when death comes, I can leave the world in good shape. And to achieve death in good condition, all that has to be done is to start to always do good in every second of life that is being lived, because we have no idea whether a second later we still have a chance to do good or not.

should not just be used as a sentence of death martyrs and serve as a militant generating jargon. After all, the choice to live gloriously is the best. Continue to do good and benefit our glorious life. Live as a noble and die as a noble person.

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