Looking almost naked, Aming raise Gay parade in New York

Looking almost naked, Aming raise Gay parade in New YorkRemember the comedian Aming? Ever since the Extravaganza sitcom on Trans TV was no longer running, the man named Aming Supriatna Sugandhi, did not look on television.

This skinny man was once very well known for his typical jokes who like to act as transvestites. Aming who is a graduate of Art and Design Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) also not clumsy when must be minimal clothing to succeed his role that day.

In 2008 Aming had appeared. But not to show his acting, but because it is reportedly ill. At that time Aming reportedly suffered from three diseases at once, namely the throat, stomach and asthma. He also had to undergo treatment at RS Advent Bandung.

After that the news Aming back as drowning. But today, social media back to talk about the figure of Aming.

Not because of the new movie that will show itself, but because of its appearance in the parade of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) couple, on Madison Avenue, New York some time ago. As is known, last week the United States government has just legalized the relationship of LGBT couples.

The presence of Aming in the parade was posted by Priscilya Princessa artist. Priscilya who claimed to be in New York also recorded how the excitement of the LGBT couple.

In a photo posted three days ago, Aming appeared behind Priscilya wearing a striped shirt wrapped in a dongker blue blazer. While Aming looks at the back wearing a unique shirt shaped round arrangement with a hole in the middle resembling a red donut.

Aming also modeled her hair. The donut balls cover only part of her body and her genitals. Aming looks so hot.

"Happy Pride," Priscil wrote, in his instagram account @ quotcilyaciel quoted merdeka.com, Thursday (2/7).

The photo was 397 times. The photo also invites various comments.

"What the … Aming," said @ pakdegimbal account."Gosh it Aming use what kind of candy candy donuts so haha ??haha," added account @ putrimarcelina21.

In addition to photographs, Priscilya also made short footage. In one of those recordings Aming also appeared.

"There are LGBT from the church, there are all from community forums," Priscilya said.

"It's not long," Aming said from behind.

"There's Aming," Priscilya said with a smile. [lia]

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