Love Forest and Environment Sprouted in Bantimurung

Love Forest and Environment Sprouted in Bantimurung

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(P3E Suma document)

P3E Suma, Makassar-"Eco Family" Ecology and Forest Management Campaign in 2017 was held in Bantimurung cooperation P3E Suma, T.N. Babul, DLH Maros District and Maros Regency Tourism Office on Wednesday (06/09/2017). Attended by Maros Regent represented by Assistant III of Maros Regency, Head of P3E Suma, Head of National Park of Bulusaraung Bantimurung, Head of Environment Office of Maros Regency, Head of Maros Regency Tourism Office, Women of PKK and Perwita Wana Kencana South Sulawesi.

The campaign was conducted to make aware that environmental and forestry education will not change the situation of the damaged environment to be either instantly. Rather it takes time, process and resources. On the basis of that environmental education should be done as early as possible, ranging from the smallest scope in society, the family.

In the campaign, mothers became the subject of environmental awareness and forestry programs, based on consideration of the family's strategic role in shaping the nation's character. Since 2013 it has launched an eco-family program to foster the love of the environment and forests of the family, as the smallest community representatives. The principle of eco family ie, ECO. E from Engage word which means all family members are involved in the implementation of eco family program. C is the same as Culture, with local cultural approach and O means Out of the box, to encourage the creativity of each family member to be wise to the environment and forestry. Also present at the "eco family" campaign of women of the dharma lady Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Selection of Bantimurung tourism area as the location of Eco Eco's implementation, because the ecosystem of Bantimurung-Bulusaraung National Park is complete and intact. Bantimurung is a leading natural tourist destination in South Sulawesi Province in general, Maros Regency in particular, is a combination of elements of flora, fauna and natural charm is located at the foot of the mountain Bulusaraung.

Waterfall with a height of 15 meters, a width of 20 meters flowing between the steep cliffs called "karst." Karst form of artwork from the creator of the mountains that resulted from a collection of limestone rocks. Karst Bantimurung area is the second largest area in the world. Waterfall through the hill of the river bedding decorated by the environment in the dominance of green foliage from the forest around the hill is inside the area of ??nature tourism park Bantimurung Bulusaraung.

Not only waterfall bertingkatya. Other vehicles contained in Nature Tourism within the area of ??Bantingmurung; The Thousand Landing, Lake Tengkorak (the lake is closed to the public), because it is so dangerous that it is called the lake of the skull.The surface of the lake looks calm but there is a swirl of current that is swift under water and has many casualties). This is reminiscent of the saying "Water rippled in deep, calm water swept away". Next Goa Dreams, Goa Batu, Museum Butterfly. Come on! To Bantimurung.

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