Love Make Body Healthier

Love Make Body Healthier

Image source: – Falling in love a million. And it turns out based on research, falling in love not only make the heart pounding but also nourish the body. What caused it? Find here an in-depth review of falling in love and the chemical processes that occur in the body. Guaranteed, after reading this article, you will continue to fall in love with FITNESS.

Coming Less Than 5 Seconds

Dr. Stephanie Ortigue, assistant professor of psychology at Syracuse University, New York, USA, reveals, love can occur in less than 5 seconds! Ortigue explains that the reaction that comes when we're in love is like cocaine addiction. Why? Because when you fall in love, 12 areas of the brain produce a number of chemical compounds dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, phenylethylamine to adrenaline, which can boost feelings of happiness. These chemicals encourage the growth of euphoria at the center of the brain that manages cognitive metaphors, language comprehension, vision and body imaging in a very short time, even faster than blinks of the eye!

Feelings of romance or falling in love are not present just like that. Of course there is a role in this process. Then surely the next question is, actually who is involved in the process of falling in love?

Is the Heart Or The Brain?

"It's a difficult question to answer, because the principle is the most influential brain, but the heart also plays a role, because the concept of love is from the bottom up (the heart to the brain) and from top to bottom (brain to heart). in some parts of the brain can stimulate the liver, "Ortigue said.

Sometimes falling in love is confusing. There are people who easily fall in love with lightning, such as falling in love because online chat, get acquainted when both lined up concert tickets, or even 'electrocution' during workout at the gym. However, on the other hand, some people have to 'struggle' to find the X factor or commonly called 'chemistry' to be able to feel in love.

Directed Behind Love

As mentioned above, some hormones that affect people who are in love include dopamine, phenylethylamine, adrenaline, endorphin. Generally, those who are in love will experience symptoms like this: the heart beats faster when it meets the idol of the heart, decreases appetite, becomes more mellow or ragged (or maybe digombali-red) than usual. These symptoms are closely related to the various hormones that have increased production when you are in love.

Dopamine, if you meet him, this hormone will work. The reaction is like cocaine that can make you addicted. That's what makes a person who is exposed 'cupid arrow' feel always wanted to meet with his partner.

Endorphin, of course you've often heard his name. This hormone is also produced by the body when you are busy chewing chocolate. Hormones that bring this happiness, arise when you feel the joy and orgasm. This hormone may be considered 'morphine' for the body because based on various studies, the structure possessed by the existing endorphin structure morphine that will cause the effect of 'float', creating a happy sensation. Because the structure is likened to morphine, the endorphins are considered to have the same function. It's just that distinguish, morphine makes an addiction whereas endorphins do not. However, apparently when we fall in love, this hormone also works. Therefore, people who fall in love feel happy and sometimes become excessive.Phenylethylamine and adrenaline, these two hormones are interconnected. How often do you send (or are happy to get submissions) of rags with super-romantic words like Shakespeare? You must know who the 'mastermind' is. Yes, the phenylethylamine that became his brain. While that makes the heart beat faster or make you lose your appetite because the digestive organs work more slowly due to the emergence of adrenaline. Both are related.

Find also the happy effects and healthy effects of falling in love in the next article!

Source: Fitness Magazine, February 2011 Edition, Page 82

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