Love Never Know the Races, Indian Men Find Love In Europe Women

Love Never Know the Races, Indian Men Find Love In Europe Women

Image source: – Jodoh no one knows. Jodoh can come in a surprising, unique and unexpected way. This is also experienced by Indian men named P.K. Mahanandia and his wife Charlotte Von Schedvin.

At that time the age of this Indian man is 24 years old, coming from a poor family and from a low caste. While Charlotte was 20 years old, tourists from Sweden who was visiting India and came from a wealthy family.

When Charlotte meets the curly black-haired man at the fountain in front of Delhi's Connaught Place, his goal is to see if this guy can actually sketch a picture in 10 minutes with only 10 rupees. Mahanandia, who was studying art at Delhi College of Arts, had a side job to be a street painter.

The 65-year-old man explained in The Sunday Times: "It was a dark winter, and suddenly I saw a pretty blond woman with her blue eyes, and I said to myself 'Oh my God, she's like an angel'. "

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"My hands keep shaking." He remembers that one day an astrologer once said that his wife was a woman born under the sign of the Taurus star, coming from a great place and having a forest.

"I did not even ask what his name was, I asked him if he was born in May, a Taurus, and had a forest, and he always answered 'Yes' to all those questions." he said with a small laugh. "I knew we were doomed together, I told him that he would be my wife, but then I was afraid that he would report me to the nearest police station because of this."

The 61-year-old Charlotte Von Schedvin says, "I feel attracted to him, I feel warm, and I think he is a good man with a big smile and curly hair."

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Three weeks later, Charlotte follows Mahanandia to her home in the village and she feels like coming home. When he returned to Sweden, this poor man promised to come but refused money and all the help from Charlotte.

Mahanandia came in her own way. Sell ??her valuables and buy a bicycle. Traveled to Europe through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and miraculously found Charlotte's home in Sweden.Now their story is recorded in the title The Amazing Story Of The Man Who Cycled From India To Europe For Love written by Swedish writer Per J. Andersson. The journey of their love is not easy and different from other love stories. Yet their love is still strong today. So sweet ya ladies.

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