Love Never Sees Age, Romantic Photos Grandma’s Grandmother This is the proof

Love Never Sees Age, Romantic Photos Grandma's Grandmother This is the proof

Image source: – Love oh love. Love is a feeling that words can not express. There are various interesting things about love. Likes, sorrow, happiness and disappointment, are a variety of things that color beautiful and complicated love. Even so, it seems that no one can escape from love. Whether it's someone who is young or very old.

Regarding love, love comes to anyone, anytime and anywhere. No matter what he came to is a young figure or an old man. An impressive and exciting love story comes from a grandparent named Sergei (45) and his wife Valentine (65).

Sergei and Valentine / copyright

Excerpted from the page, this couple is a very romantic couple. Despite their age is not young anymore, both seem still very beautiful and handsome. Both are couples who have sincere love for each other.

A photographer from Russia that is Irina Nedyalkova, recently in social media account Facebook and Instagramnya have shared their photos. The couple, dubbed Carl and Ellie Fredricksen in Up in the real world, seem to have made netizens baper.

A really sweet couple with each other / copyright

How not to baper, even though their age is no longer young, they can always show great and sincere love for each other. Sergei and Valentine are very romantic, harmonious and awesome couple.

Intrigued by various other romantic photos of this couple, do not miss to see it in the photo gallery below ya. Not only will it make you a baper, the love that emanates from both will also amaze you and proud of their love.

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