Made Mini Series, ‘MAGIC HOUR’ Take Location Filming in New York

Made Mini Series, 'MAGIC HOUR' Take Location Filming in New York

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Through the drama series MAGIC HOUR THE SERIES, we again watch the love story between Dimas Anggara and Michelle Ziudith. After the success of its widescreen movie in 2015, on December 18th, MAGIC HOUR greeted again with an 8-episode mini-drama. In addition to showing romantic romance between Dimas and Raina, the film will show the beauty of New York City.

According to Dimas Anggara, the shooting process lasted for 10 days was very exciting. The reason, in addition to work, the film players also feel the holiday. "We use the setting of tourist attractions there, so really enjoy it," said Dimas when contacted via telephone, Wednesday (6/12).

In addition to the opportunity to visit Manhattan, the players also stop off in Brooklyn, Time Square, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. But of course, there are challenges that Dimas feels when picking up some set of locations in the city. "The most difficult weather that changes when we are there.From the cold, the next day can be hot and the next day can be cold again," he said.

Recognized by Dimas, an enthusiastic audience reaction is one of the reasons why MAGIC HOUR has finally continued into drama series. Even did not rule out, if the audience response to the series is good, then there will be a continuation.

"If my prediction is, in terms of story I am optimistic because I think the story is interesting, the conflict is good, coupled with a good location setting background I am optimistic (success) But yes back to the people too If they do not capital iflix, yes they can not watch .They have to download iflix, usually we are exclusive in iflix, "explained Dimas.

Not to forget, Dimas also advised fans of MAGIC HOUR to standby on December 18, 2017 later on iflix. The reason, for those who like a movie marathon, the series can be directly watched 8 episodes at once. "So make friends who holiday in that day can directly watch from start to finish," he concluded.

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