Make Lemot! 10 Social Media Applications It’s Most Bored RAM

Make Lemot! 10 Social Media Applications It's Most Bored RAMThere are a variety of social media applications and instant messengers for smartphones, even growing over time. You certainly have installed various services, ranging from just trial and error to the end actually use it.

To note, more installing social media applications will affect the performance and battery life of the smartphone. Because the application will always be active running in the background, and eat a lot of RAM.

Here's the 10+ Most Social Media and Instant Messenger Applications of RAM

Therefore you must be wise. To select some that best suits your tastes and needs, the rest is uninstalled only. Here's the Way to Love list of social media apps or chats from the most wasteful of RAM to the most cost-effective.

1. Facebook and Facebook Messenger

Facebook is still the most popular social media services. Unfortunately Facebook applications for Android are categorized as greedy RAM. When the Road Check the use of memory, it turns up eating 239 MB of RAM. Meanwhile, Facebook Messenger takes 110 MB. If you install both the total is about 349 MB.

Indeed Facebook seeks to provide the best experience, new updates for Messenger make the application run faster, cleaner interface, and the easier and convenient to use. It does not matter if you are still very active using Facebook, but for those who are not too active you can use Facebook Lite. Very light only takes up about 5 MB space, and you can still connect.

2. BBM (BlackBerry Messenger)

Previously BlackBerry messaging services are very exclusive to their platform, until finally last year BBM dropped into the Android and iOS platform. This application is very popular with smartphone users, almost everyone uses it. Even though BBM takes up 176 MB of memory, it does not matter if you are actively using this app.


LINE is increasingly popular, because it supported a lot of new features. LINE is able to make video calls, and make the chat more exciting with a lot of sticker options. LINE king sticker deh, this application takes memory 129 MB.4. WeChat

Social networks like Facebook and Path actually forbid us to add contacts if we do not know personally. WeChat is the opposite, you can find new acquaintances around the location of the residence. Then invite meet directly, really fit for looking for a date. Fun but WeChat just takes a lot of memory, for 124 MB.

5. Skype

Skype is the pioneer of video call feature, although many social media applications also support video calling. But Skype remains one of the best. Because it is now Microsoft's, you can log in directly using Outlook email. This app consumes 112 MB of memory.

6. Path

Make you a very protective person who called privacy, Path is more safe to use. Because you can share activities with only your intimate friends, at least that's the theory used to. Apparently Path takes up about 79 MB space.

7. Google Hangouts and Google+

Hangouts is a mix of SMS and chat apps. The advantages Hangouts integrated with Google+, such as Facebook and Facebook Messenger. You can add contacts through Google+, then chat using Hangouts. Google+ consumes about 70 MB of memory, while Hangouts is 68 MB.

8. KakaoTalk

You could say KakaoTalk is the closest competitor of LINE. This chat application is easy to use, but has many features. One of them allows you to connect with a celebrity account or a company. Although this is not so sounding now, he now has a Path. KakaoTalk takes up about 66 MB of space.

9. TwitterSocial media application this one, I think now more often used to find the hottest information. Share useful information so, using the hashtag power. Twitter apparently spent about 59 MB of RAM.

10. WhatsApp

Almost all smartphone users use WhatsApp as the main chat app. Serious dah when WA is not rich in features, but it is recognized very reliable, simple, lightweight, fast and easy to use. Contacts are phone numbers, so you do not need to add contacts manually. This application also supports voice calls, and quite efficient memory takes only 56 MB space.

11. Instagram

Photo sharing app that now belongs to Facebook is eating 40 MB of RAM only. I'm so absorbed do not forget that Instagram quite wasteful quota, so the way Rats suggest connect to Opera Max.

12. Tinder

This app is perfect for you who are single, which helps you find a mate around you. Do not take this app seriously, just fun! Although not close the possibility for you find the idol of the heart, oh yes Tinder takes 39 MB of RAM.

13. Telegram

Telegram is a major competitor of WhatsApp, which is gaining in popularity as an alternative chat app because of its speed and security. The message sent will be encrypted. The view is not much different with WhatsApp but with a more simple blue color. Well Telegram was lighter than WhatsApp, it only takes 38 MB of RAM.

The amount of memory used by social media applications and instant messengers in each smartphone will vary, the more often the application is used then the memory usage also increases.

Actually there are many more social media applications and instant messengers are no less exciting to use. But yes why install so much, just will spend the RAM and battery. In the end smartphone is slow, so you should select some that are in accordance with your taste, environment, and your needs. If the above list goes too far, paste it in the comment field.

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