Make Peace with Yourself

Make Peace with YourselfOne of the strengths of a woman is a story of pain in the past, this is the reason why a woman often perpetuates the wound rather than heal it. The sympathy of others and the admission that he is great able to pass through his bleak times is pride, which is why his wounds become too valuable to forget. Sometimes a woman feels her sorrowing story is that of the other, maybe you will not agree and do not want to admit it. But that's the reality.

Then I can only be silent and let it alone, home alone if the advice becomes useless. House if I comfort her, she does not need it. He just needs recognition, not even from me. Because he thinks I'm one of the causes of the wound.

One day I tried to get to him. I think it's for peace, but in the end he's avoiding it.

I'm also trying to realize that making peace with past injuries does not mean being familiar with the familiar. Again and again I was wrong.

All right, you'll probably shy away from the past, but you have to remember not with the memories.

The memory is like a breath near him. you can not keep it away. places ever visited, roads ever traveled, objects ever given, and people who hang out, even the atmosphere like hot weather, rain, cold, wind and everything as if yelling continue to whisper every memories and dreams ever carved.

This time you're wrong if you have to run in silence to avoid every memory, when you're the one who keeps breathing with those memories.

You had thought that I was with him and you no longer had a chance to fix what you said was okay. This time I want to straighten your assumption that we decided to formalize the relationship long before we met each other, I say this is a match. You probably will not believe you can not accept the facts that have happened.

Now I just need to make peace with myself, not with others what else with the past.

I do not need to be distracted only by the judgment or assumption of others, because who knows exactly how it really is.

Someone once said that you do not have to explain anything about yourself because people who do not like you will not believe it and who loves you does not need it.Well, that sometimes what happens just needs understanding.

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