Make Roof Garden So More Beautiful with Roof Garden

Make Roof Garden So More Beautiful with Roof, Jakarta- Roof garden or roof garden has been known in Babylonia since the 6th century BC. This concept is still used today, because it can increase the Green Open Space (RTH) even in a small house. In addition, the roof garden is also considered able to reduce the heat of the sun entering the house and reduce the rate of global warming.

In order to survive long, making the roof garden requires a strong roof construction. The reason, the construction dak roof not only buffers its own weight, but also heavy soil, plants, water, and humans in the roof garden.

There are several steps that need to be done to create a garden on the roof of the house, as quoted from

1. Make a roof with no concrete 20 degrees 30 degrees. The construction uses a reinforced concrete cast material with an iron diameter of 8 mm. The size of each concrete column is 20cm x 20cm. Thickness floor not 20cm for area 50 m.

2. Create tub plants on the edge of concrete, can be shaped box, round, oval or combination, the origin of the shape in accordance with the existing width. This tub serves as a container plant.

3. Coat dak concrete and tub plants with waterproofing material. Its function is to prevent water from seeping into the room beneath it, also protect the bone of iron on the beams of columns and floors.

4. Make installation of clean and dirty water. Installation of clean water for watering plants, which is directly related to water pumps or water reservoirs. Note also the installation of the wastewater connected to the lowest edge, then connect to the gutter pipe to the sinks in the ground and to the drain.

5. Attach the fibers or cocopeates of type of fibers to the top of the concrete lined regularly with a thickness of 10cm. Function of fibers to hold at once filter out water seeping from sand and soil.

6. Pour the red soil and humus as a planting medium. The content of good soil pH ranges from 5 to 7.

7. Plant grass on it. Plant crops rooted fibers on a tub of plants. These types of vines can be planted on the edge of a fence or wall, while plants are low on the tub and the edge of the garden. Planting also flowering plants to look more beautiful garden.

8. Place the fence on the front and back of the garden. The fence can be made of iron, bamboo, or wood, the origin is strong and safe. Better if the fence has a door, so you like being in the yard of the house.

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