Make Smart People of Indonesia! This 5 Smart City Supporting Approach in Indonesia

Make Smart People of Indonesia! This 5 Smart City Supporting Approach in IndonesiaAlready know if the current technology is very sophisticated? Especially smartphones yes, now has a lot of smartphone applications that have advanced functions. And even some are not just sophisticated, but also provide benefits for our lives.

Like the application that will Jaka review below, the application support smart city. For sure this application is super sophisticated, ranging from applications to solve environmental problems, to other functions such as facilitate the tourists. How now so curious right? Well for you who kepo same application, see the following Jaka review!

1. Qlue

The first smart city support app is named Qlue. This application is commonly used by people in the city of Jakarta. The usefulness of this application is none other than to make it easier for us to report what is happening in the environment to the government. In this way, then the problems that occur will soon be overcome and will certainly make our city become good again.

With the Qlue application, you will easily communicate with the government and your job is to convey what's going on around you, such as flooding, after reporting a problem, then we just need to wait for the repair. How? Surely as a reporter, we will also feel proud of this is not it? So what are you waiting for, make our city smarter!

2. Report

Next is Report. Report is similar to the first one. This application allows you to post a report related to public service or development. You do not need to be difficult to post a report because this application is very easy to use and easy to understand.

With the Reporting app, the community will easily communicate with the government. How to use? You only need to download this app and make a report at any time if it is necessary.

3. M City

Mobile City is different from the above apps yes. Because these applications tend to be more devoted to the tourists who visit certain cities that already support this application. The benefits are also many, guys. With this application, you can find information about culinary, hotels, or an existing tourist attraction.

Well, for you who frequent holidays especially in Indonesia nih, Jaka recommend rely on an application called M City. To be sure with this app, we can more easily find related information as already mentioned above Jaka.4. Social Media Mapping And Panic Button

The fourth application call Social Media Mapping and Panic Button. MSM application is probably arguably more sophisticated than the above 3 applications yes. For its use is also different from the above application, namely to capture a conversation whatever is in social media, but unfortunately currently only works in certain areas only. If there is a problem, later this application will directly contact a public service. Sophisticated bener!

Then the next is Panic Button, this application is also somewhat super sophisticated! If you think you are experiencing serious problems and need a help, then just use the Panic Button application. If you need help, you just need to press the button available on the application, then wait for the officers to come. They will come according to GPS. Sophisticated and helpful indeed?

5. Tangerang Live

In addition to the above 4 applications, Tangerang Live is also no less sophisticated, it can be said is a multifunctional application! Usefulness of this application is also very useful for the community such as service aspirations suggestion box, then there are also job seekers, and the daily needs, namely the staple of the market and also other information or news in the city of Tangerang.

In addition there is still another function of this application. Only this application is only devoted to facilitate the people of Tangerang city only. Actually this application has existed since the first, it's just now been combined into one order so that people do not need to download many applications. Simply one time install, can find any information related to Tangerang city.

Well, that's 5 Android app supporting smart city in Indonesia. With the application like this, then the community will be very helpful. Yes, indeed the above applications do not support in all areas, but we pray that there will be more applications like this throughout Indonesia.

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