Make the Still Like Confused, It’s 10 Differences of the North Pole

Make the Still Like Confused, It's 10 Differences of the North PoleIn elementary school first, you must have known that the earth has two poles. One is north of the earth and the other is in the south of the earth. From the lessons of the school age, one thing you know about the two poles of the earth; both are cool! So cold, even these two poles until covered in ice.

Just so you know yes, the north and south poles turn out to have a striking difference. Well let you not curious let alone to consider both the same, ya Hipwee News & Feature rangkumin difference between the two continents ~

1. North and south poles have other names that you must remember. Many ketuker mention his name

2. In addition, the temperature is also different. The south pole is actually colder than the north pole!

3. Therefore the ice in the north pole has cycles. Meanwhile, if at the south pole, the ice is fixed

4. Crude oil reserves exist in the north pole, south pole so far there is no oil

5. Talk about populations, uninhabited south poles. Contrast with the bustling north pole

6. Though the north pole is mostly just frozen water. Unlike the south-south pole of the mainland

7. Therefore the location is also somewhat different. The 700Km north pole from the mainland and south pole is 1300Km from the ocean

8. Eh, yes it turns out if you want to send a letter to Santa Klaus, the address is in the north pole. Do not be in the south pole yes

9. Make no mistake, penguins and polar bears have different habitats. Penguins in the south, polar bears live in the north10. Well when talking about ownership, it turns out there loh countries that claim this second polar region

Unfortunately, both the north pole and the south pole are experiencing the same problem. Global warming destroys the natural ice that forms on both continents. The melting of the ice at the poles is getting worse. If the ice there melts all, the earth will obviously be in danger. May human beings more aware and want to keep our beloved earth!

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