Many Cases of Unfaithfulness Revealed, What Humans Basically Hard Faithful Yes It’s 7 Scientific Explanations

Many Cases ofSome time ago our medsos dihebohkan by posting a wife whose husband cheated. Though the wife is pregnant big. Worse yet, the photos of the husband's selfie and his affair are spread freely in social media. Of course, netizens participate in anger, and blaspheme both the pelakor and the husband who is less self-knowledge.

Infidelity has become an old problem in a relationship. Betrayal is perhaps the most painful cause of a breakup. The culprit is definitely hated. But not infrequently even people who betrayed also blamed. Actually, why can anyone have a mind to say goodbye? Is it a term once a cheat, forever will be cheater is true? Curious where did the desire come from behind this play? Let's see reviews of Hipwee News & Feature.

1. The psychological impact of neighboring grass is much greener, humans seem to find it hard to be satisfied. As a result, always tempted to find another despite commitment

It is common knowledge that humans are never satisfied with what he has. Maybe because it also there is a term grass far greener neighbors. Well, perhaps this is what justifies someone to betray commitment. Whether to feel the relationship is too flat, her boyfriend is less understanding, less exciting, less beautiful / handsome, and more or less other. People who are ambiguous for this reason may forget the fact that nobody is perfect.

2. Not all cheats have a double ambiguity. As Bang Napi said, cheating can also happen because of the support of the situation

Remember the word Bang Prison who used to exist on crime news events at 12 noon? Crime can happen not only because of intent, but also opportunity. So is infidelity. Initially there may be no intention to cheat, but with situations that support the intention it just appears. What kind of supportive situation? First, it could be because he is among the ambitious people. Secondly, some say the more money a man is vulnerable. Third, too often interacting with the same person to cause seeds like.

3. Escape to disappointment. When relationships are heated by problems, this is the most vulnerable situation

His relationship name must have sharp gravel. It is impossible to have a smooth relationship all the time and no argument exists. Disappointment of the attitude or treatment of spouses, household conditions that are far from expectations, and problems in this household can lead to an affair. When the relationship is hot-hot, try to talk with the couple even more bigger, then out there is someone who can listen and understand us. Can you guess what next?

4. Do you believe that there are genes cheating in the body? If true, then the term once a cheater is always a cheater is true

In a DNA chain, many things determine what you are going to be. Starting from the face shape, hair, skin color, intelligence, until the talent is determined by the genes. Well, whether the hobby of cheating is also the work of genes? Believe it or not, there is a theory that believes that way. The main suspect is the DRD4 gene, which is in charge of producing dopamine hormones. You know that dopamine is created when we feel good (one of them is because of sex and love)?

Well according to research, everyone has DRD4 gene but the variation is different. He who has a long variation of DRD4, belongs to people who are socially open and high risk takers. One is the tendency to fuck outside marriage commitments. So this theory is true, meaning the term once the affair remains cheater is also true. Maybe in the future need to check this gene for couples who will marry, let me know couples risk cheating or not.5. Often who likes cheating is considered narcissistic and playboy abis. In fact, some people are a partner because the low self-esteem

This reason is more common among men who are financially less likely than their partners. It could be that the woman's income is much larger or her position is much higher. Or it could be, women seem independent and far superior. Under these circumstances, men are vulnerable to crisis confidence and unhappy in relationships. Because they feel can not compete, then they are looking for other ways to show its power through masculinity aka search for other couples that can make more comfortable.

Yes of course this reason can not be beat flat anyway. There are also men who are indeed casanova type. Who knows for sure if he is attractive and desirable so that it feels legitimate if the eyes of the basket.

6. Related relationships, we have 3 working systems in the brain: Sexual drives, romance of love, and deep interest. All three do not necessarily refer to the same person

According to a biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher in the Love series, Factually, man has three brain workings system of the couple's relationship. The first is sexual attraction, the two are romantic interests, and the third is interest based on compassion. Now the problem is when the source of this interest refers to different people. Maybe this is what causes why someone can want two people at once. The one about sexual desire, the one about romance of love and commitment to be together.

7. The last theory is quite surprising. Some say humans are not monogamous beings like pigeons or geese

One scientist who believes this is Pepper Schwarts, a professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle. According to Prof. Pepper, the true monogamous mammal is a swan who will not have a partner anymore even if his partner is dead. Even if humans commit to live with one person until death before, it is not bawaaan or nature. But social demands. Arguably, a commitment to monogamy is a skill that can be grown just like a cook or a sports champion. Well if this theory is true, then what's the difference between us with other mammals?

Keep in mind that these reasons do not apply to everyone you know. Its nature is also just a theory, and as good as any theory always has the possibility to be broken. In the end, everyone has a personal reason. Different aliases of each person and can not be beat everybody flat. But whatever the reason, if true affair is caused by genes or the nature of human beings, still it is not a reason to betray the commitment that has been vowed itself is not it?

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