Many hotspots are suspected forest and land fires detected in East Kalimantan

Many hotspots areImage 3 satellite again detects up to dozens of hotspots (hotspots) in East Kutai district and Kutai Kartanegara district, East Kalimantan. Allegedly, the detected hotspot is sourced from the burning of land, both in the garden residents and in the company area. The local government together with the police and related parties, rushed to follow up.

Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of East Kalimantan province, Monday (1/2), Terra and Aqua satellite through a fashionable sensor, detecting 15 hotspots in 5 districts in East Kutai district. While in Kutai Kartanegara district, 4 hotspots were detected in 4 districts.

While for the satellite SNPP detect 13 hotspots in 4 districts in East Kutai, and 3 hotspots in 3 districts in Kutai Kartanegara. The NOAA-18 satellite also detected 8 hotspots in 5 sub-districts in East Kutai and 1 hotspot in Kutai Kartanegara district.

The head of BPBD Kutai Timur Zainuddin confirmed that the satellite findings are a hotspot in the East Kutai region. Today, he said, BPBD East Kutai with Kodim Sangatta, sat a table to discuss.

"There are members of Kodim, BPBD and Quick Reaction Team in the morning, among them to Muara Ancalong, there are about 30 TNI personnel," said Zainuddin to, Tuesday (2/2).

Zainuddin warned, the company also has an obligation to secure the area from the fire. Thus, with the findings of hotspots in the area of ??the company, should really also be acted upon by the company.

"It should be clarified whether the fire point is in the company area, or in the vicinity, the government has the authority to revoke the company's license, if the fire point is in the company area," Zainuddin said.

Zainuddin explained, the fires detected, among them also located in the peat land area, which certainly causes difficulties to extinguish.

"If it's extinguished, it's overhead, but at the bottom it's still burning, especially now the wind is blowing hard," Zainuddin said. [cob]

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