Many Love Forest But To Ruin, Not Caring

Many Love Forest But To Ruin, Not CaringCustomary forests, community forests, state forests, village forests that are referred to and designated as social forestry, in addition to conservation forests, tourism forests, production forests and state forests. At least that is some mention of the forest. Truthfully the forest as the breath of sustainability to continue to be treated until later.

The existence of the forest as a sign that the forest has a role and a very important function for life for all living things including humans. But unfortunately, the existence of the forest is much to love but to destroy it not to care for, plant and keep it.

Orangutans sneeze because of the smoke and loss of their living habitat in the form of forest. photo dock. from various sources

Remnants of land clearing (land clearing) and then on or burned. Photo doc. Foundation Trench

Graphics of forest fires. Photo doc. Mongabay Indonesia

A real sign of why many forests love but to ruin it. Some facts are exposed to mention, the destruction of all these forests due to human activity itself and the hands are not visible (machine) by the unscrupulous entrepreneurs and rulers.

First, Policy; Permission on land clearance keeps rising, land clearing is widespread. Forests that exist, whatever the name as mentioned above day by day diminishing in the eroded miner. Inevitable tragic fate befall thousands or possibly millions of species of animals and plants. The narrowing of their living habitat (diminishing / narrowing / expelling) them in their own homes.

Second, Investment; land clearing for the economy, businesses that often do not ignore aspects of environmental sustainability. Just look, only a handful (not a lot) just the investment process of mining and plantation companies that comply with the rules and legislation as a mutual agreement. Remember, the rules related to the livelihood of the people are often violated. Just look at it, burning land to smoke cases that feel the immediate impact of the community where the investment is operating.

Not only that, the disadvantages of social impacts, health have become neglected. Even the laws in this country tend to be played by the actors of interest to enrich themselves. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer and rampant. The grassroots community is getting squeezed and screaming. The existing forest is loved but harnessing and destroying it tampa take care of it, even the forest on the ground eroded.

Third, development; the development sector also contributes to love forests but to destroy them. Massive settlement construction often sacrifices the forest. The expansion of forest areas and replaced by settlements and transmigration has a direct impact on forest availability.

With so many extents captured will certainly invite floods and landslides, whereas if the long dry season comes dry and hot burning body ready to block. And many more.Loving the forest but only to destroy it, it is a clear picture with what is happening in our country Indonesia. A very clear example, the forests are loved / loving but the behavior with policy, investment and development is often unfair to the majority of life breaths of living things.

Many love but to destroy it (destroying forests) whose purpose is for profit rather than choosing it sustainably. Having stumbled into a new look maybe that's the right word about the impact of diminishing the number of forest cover. However, before it is too late, we love forests but in truth also care for and guard them. As a reminder, if the last tree has been cut down, then we realize that money is useless.

By: Peter Kanisius- The Trench Foundation

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