Many Residents Died Suspected Related to Air Pollution, Walhi Investigate

Many Residents Died Suspected Related to Air Pollution, Walhi InvestigateGREEK, Related to the phenomenon of the death of 61 villagers of Karanglo Village, Kerek Sub-district, Tuban, within 45 days, Walhi East Java Executive Director Ony Mahardika stated that they would launch a team to investigate.

There are indications, the victims died suffering first due to pollution of industrial waste.

Monday (11/4) tomorrow, we will deploy a team to look for data and truth in the field. Are those who died was because of environmental pollution, because 60 percent of the dead reportedly got lung disease, "said Ony when contacted, Saturday (2/4/2016).

He also did not close the possibility, the citizens who died was exposed to pollution of the cement industry that mushroomed in Tuban. To that end, the investigation team will be looking for supporting data in the field, either in puskesmas or other places that are considered to support searching data and facts.

We have not dared to confirm if this phenomenon is the impact of cement production, because we need deepening. But for indications in that direction there is, because in Tuban there are five major cement companies, he explained.

In addition, PT Semen Indonesia and PT Holcim Indonesia, there are also three new factories. But I forgot the names of three new cement factories. What I remember, they are a cement company from China, continued Ony.

The presence of five cement companies in Tuban, explained by Ony, has covered approximately 1,000 hectares of land and many of them are directly tangent to the surrounding residents' housing.

That way, did not rule out the pollution caused by the cement plant, will affect the health of the people around. But this needs further research and depth, in order to really be ascertained the truth, close Ony.

Meanwhile, until this news was revealed, the head of PT Semen Indonesia, which has its head office in Gresik Regency, has not been found and contacted to request confirmation. The office of PT Semen Indonesia looks lonely, as it coincides with weekend getaway, Saturday and Sunday.

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