Many Ways to Alleviate State Problems, In addition to Angry-Angry

Many Ways to Alleviate State Problems, In addition to Angry-AngrySee the condition of the country that looks like this, it seems I want to change citizenship.

Not a few people who wish to move abroad or change citizenship because of upset in conditions in Indonesia. From the public school education system, the political battle that makes you lazy to watch the news again, to corruption in urban village to the most central part of government, it feels like our country is like an endless circle.

But wait a minute! What about moving abroad will your life be more peaceful? Even the most advanced country in the world also has its own problems. After all, actually preparing to move to another country is not as easy as pushing a tongue to say, I want to go from Indonesia.

Rather than moving citizenship, it is better to do what we can to ease the impact of these problems in our lives. Indeed, we can not solve those problems to the roots only by doing small and simple things. But doing something, however small, is at least better than silent. Well, while saving power to do something bigger to solve those problems, why not start from the things below first?

1. While expecting the government to improve the urban planning system, you can dispose of waste in place to reduce disaster.

Indeed, the flood can not be solved simply by reducing the habit of littering. Therefore, the factors that cause the occurrence of flooding is complex. For example, the urban sprawling system, the wild construction that closes the water catchment gap, to climate change. But if you do not currently have the skills or power to do such serious things as fixing the city planning system, at least you can contribute to preventing flooding by throwing garbage in its place.

By taking out the garbage in place, you have reduced the risk of overflowing sewers, rivers, and streams in the city. It is very meaningful to treat the environmental pain our country is suffering.

Kindergarten children also know that everyone should throw garbage in its place. So if you do this you can not, it could be mentally more childish than the kindergarten mentality!

2. Have a private vehicle is comfortable and safe. But if used carelessly, he could be the culprit of congestion.

Congestion is always a thing that makes us feel furious when on the road. Not rarely because of a jam you get late to come to college or work. The cause of congestion is also actually complex, from uncontrolled vehicle growth to inadequate roadways.

Since it is not possible for us who are ordinary young people to control the Indonesian automotive industry or create new roads in the city, all we can do is pay attention to the way we use the vehicle itself.Have we been parking in the right place all the time? Have we been trying to use private vehicles only when necessary? Or are we still quite wasteful, using a motorcycle or a car on a short distance trip that can actually be reached by walking or public transport?

If you can not ride public transportation, try to go in one car with your friend. If you can not afford to cycle into the office, try not to park the vehicle on the sidewalk or the street body. That way, you have contributed to make the road conditions more smoothly and neatly.

3. Indeed you are not rich enough to pay off the country's debt. But, you can stop buying subsidized fuel to make the government subsidy budget effective.

Yup, so what if I buy premium? I'm still a student, still dependent on my parents.

It's okay to think so. The final decision will remain with you, and you are the one who knows your personal finances best. The point, which Hipwee wants to convey here is if you do have the power to buy unsubsidized fuel, be patient to consume subsidized fuel. You see, there are layers of society who need it more than you.

(For now premium subsidies have already been revoked, but if world oil prices rebound to 70-80 US dollars per barrel, the state will pour in funds so that the premium does not exceed the price of Rp 9500 / liter)

Remember, rich people are not the ones who have the most money but he who feels enough without taking the right people.

4. Ngaret in Indonesia is already a culture. But, coming on time can also create a new culture that is more positive for us.

Ngaret has become a culture attached to all of us. Not infrequently, an event is scheduled for 3 o'clock, but you think:

Datengnya ntar at 3.30 aja deh, most others are also not on the dateng.

It's not just in your mind, but also most of your friends.Now is not the time to revile this habit. Comparing it with the time discipline of foreign people is also not much help if it does not make you change this habit.

There's no harm in starting from yourself. By initiating to arrive on time, you can be an example for the people around you. People who already know you as a person who is always on time will also be reluctant to come late when you make a pact with you.

Culture exists because of small habits that are then preserved. However, an ordinary individual can also create a new culture that is more positive for the environment. Dare you try?

5. Try to use more waste paper or recycle. With this, the earth will thank you for saving the forest.

Deforestation is a classic problem for us. However, we who are not important people in the Indonesian forestry industry can still contribute to the problem of deforestation is not so much.

Try reducing paper usage so that new paper production requests are also reduced. With this, we can reduce the number of trees that must be felled for pulp production.

Just so you know, to make a ream of paper required 1 whole tree 5 years old. The world's 1,732.5 hectare forests are lost every hour because the trees are cut down for paper-making materials.

So, try to use waste paper to work on the revision of the task or just scribbling. Also use technology media for writing affairs. With this simple little step, you can also help forest animals to avoid losing their homes. It's not impossible either, your pocket is also saved! 🙂

6. While hoping PLN can add power, prevent rotating blackouts by unplugging your unused charger.

Rotating blackouts, especially during the day, often upset us. It has to die style because the computer and HP runs out of power, we have to work too so can not finish the job smoothly.

Rotating blackouts occur because the number of electric power demand far exceeds the ability of PLN to supply power. Well, while hoping that the government will find the right solutions and strategies to add power, you can also help prevent rolling blackouts with no waste of electricity. The trick is simple anyway: if your charger is not in use, do not forget to pull out of the socket.Why should we unplug the charger from the outlet? Because the charger still absorbs electrical energy even though it is not plugged into any device!

According to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, if in a month 500 homes would pull out TV, HP, fan, and rice cooker, this could save about 1 billion rupiah. Tuh It's tired of the electric dead every week? Make sure your unused electrical plugs have been removed from the socket, yes!

7. We all must dream of this country so advanced and independent. But if you are reluctant to shop for local products, it will not happen until we die.

Each of us would hope to live in developed countries to live more prosperous, but in fact Indonesia is a developing country. Talk about the system of government, policy and the ins and outs do not make our heads dizzy immediately, because the problem of the state is not as simple as reading Rendra poem.

Maybe you are not a civil servant or a person contracted by the government, but you can help our country become more independent. The first way is to start shopping in traditional markets. In this way you can help domestic traders to still exist in the midst of the onslaught of big supermarkets. Remember, the requirement to be a developed country is to have entrepreneurs as much as 2% of all citizens.

You can also choose to consume local food products rather than imported products. For example, reduce the consumption of wheat because wheat still needs to be imported. By choosing local products, we can ramp up production, thus improving the quality of Indonesian food security.

No need to be president to change the country becomes more independent. You can help make it happen by buying local products by the children of the nation.

8. By not buying tickets from brokers, you can teach that fraudulent actions will not profit.

Government officials who flocked to corruption suspects often make us hopeless about the honesty that should exist in every human being.

You think our country is dilapidated.

But wait, actually you can still spread out in a simple way you know. Without having to contemplate the corruptors, now you can try to stop buying tickets from brokers. Because if you buy tickets to them, not many people will be tempted to try this profession. So, more and more new brokers are growing.Well, by buying tickets at the right place of sale, you can teach them that cheating will not be profitable.

9. Security on the road can not be completely handed over to the police. Anyway, you're behind the wheel.

High crash rates (especially motorcycle accidents) are a great public relations for the government. Many new regulations are finally applied, such as the obligation to turn on the motorcycle lights during the day. However, this will not make a significant difference if you do not run the rules anyway.

Do not break through the red lights, turn on the sign when you want to turn, to stop when using your mobile must do to avoid accidents. Also, make sure you are not riding while drunk or giving vehicle facilities to minors remember, the vehicle is like a weapon. If carelessly used, the loss of life is at stake. Well, you can help the government reduce the death rate on the road by actually obeying the rules. From now on, promise, no more yes whose name violates red light or drive while checking HP

The nation's problems are complex and layered. However, lest this makes us feel powerless to do anything about it. No need to be president to make this country more advanced. No need to be a member of the council to participate to overcome the energy crisis. You also do not have to understand the politics to know how to burn a cheating attitude. In simple ways, as if you were an ordinary young man, you can help make Indonesia a better one. Rather than just getting angry at the government and the dream of quitting becoming an Indonesian citizen?

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