Me, Twilight and Memories of the Day

Me, Twilight and Memories of the Day

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Enjoying the twilight was the most fun thing of my life. Seeing the twilight is like enjoying the painting of the Almighty. With the orange color that dominates him always managed to make me say I love it and make me smile because of its beauty. Orange and twilight are two things that are irreplaceable, no other colors can complement the twilight besides orange.

Just like a pair of lovers just a weekend twilight. Twilight will lose its charm when orange does not exist. Like when cloudy covering it, when cloudy make orange can not reveal its color then twilight will lose its beauty. Enjoy the twilight when orange does not exist, "HAMBAR" that's how it feels.

I'm confused why I love the twilight. Maybe because I and twilight are two things that are not much different. Dusk will never be perfect without the orange and likewise with me, I will never be perfect without you being with me.

You used to once invite me to enjoy the sunset, so many memories are created in the middle of dusk. I still remember clearly how the atmosphere when we first saw the twilight. As we sit together on the edge of the river on the outskirts of town. We sit on one of the big rocks and then engrave the names of the two of us there, then make it an inscription of our love sign.

You used to tell me. That the beauty of dusk can calm your heart. You also say in addition to the beautiful scenery, there will always be an unusual feeling if we want to deepen about the twilight. Twilight can always give you a feeling of calm every time you see it. It is as if the orange color of the evening sun is a symbol of comfort, security, and warmth. And that's how you like it. And most important to you, the evening sun is always shimmering, the hot scorching heat does not hurt.

And like the dusky sun. You want to be the sun for me who shines without ever wanting to dazzle, dimmer without ever foaming. It warms up without ever making me too hot, and cooling without ever chilling me. You want me to be the ever-calm twilight, the twilight of your place back home and setting. In fact, you promised to always try to be my warming hill. One day when I'm getting tired and upset you ask me to see the twilight. Then you will be present in the stillness of dusk.

That day became my first evening, and I think from then on I also started liking the twilight and the sun. He who will always be my new sun, my evening sun that will continue to shine even if only momentarily his presence. To me he is the orange dye of my life.

Like what you have revealed to me, I also want us to be like orange and twilight that complement each other. Every night I always pray that God will allow us to be together until the end of our age until death separates us. There are so many wishes I want to make with you. But whatever my day when hope is not always in line with reality, when God chose another story path for the story that we live now.

That face, the facial expression of remorse you showed that day. Are you really sorry? If you are truly sorry, you will not be able to leave me for no reason. Yes, for no apparent reason you're asking to end everything we've started.

Many things in this world that sometimes can not be understood. Sometimes we can feel as if we know everything when in fact we do not really know what we know. And I guess I already really know how you feel about me.

But it turns out I'm wrong, what I understand, what I believe are all just illusions created by my own head. The feeling that I think is the same as you never had it. Or maybe you used to have it but now the taste is no longer the same? True, something may change as well as your feelings.If for you the twilight is the emblem of the meeting, for me the twilight looks more like a farewell. Dusk is no more just a farewell greeting from the afternoon of welcoming the night. And in the end the twilight will only further away from the view, leaving the dark with the cold of the night wind.

But our separation does not necessarily make me hate you let alone hate the twilight. Quite the contrary I love the twilight and the sun even more. And until this moment I still greet you through the twilight. Enjoying every second of twilight as we did. And now this footstep still takes me back to this place. Makes me stunned and miss the memories of the past.

For a moment my eyes moved to observe a writing. Apparently the name carving is not lost even though it has been 3 years passed. I groped at the name, and still felt the same feeling as you scratched the letter after letter on the rock. This is the inscription of our love, FIRST.

May you now be happy with your new choice. I do not want to damage or disturb me at all. From this moment I have decided that I will only remember you, I will live my life, and hopefully I will find your successor too.

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