Minangkabau Airport West Sumatra Proposed to Become Hajj Embarkation

Minangkabau Airport WestA member of Commission VI of the House of Representatives Azwir Dainy Tara proposed that the airport (Minangkabau Airport) in West Sumatra, which has been completed, becomes the airport of departure and arrival (embarkation and debarkation) during this year's Hajj season.

"Just waiting for the government's decision, in this case Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare, Minister of Religious Affairs, Minister of Transportation and Minister of Health is expected to consider it soon," said Azwir, in Jakarta, Sunday (19/6).

According to members of the House of Representatives of West Sumatera, the readiness of West Sumatra (West Sumatra) to be embarkation and debarkasi Hajj, in line with the inauguration plan MIA in July 2005.

The international airport that can be landed by large aircraft, the facility is very possible and profitable for pilgrims from Bengkulu and Jambi provinces, who had to join the Polonia Medan and Batam. "Especially in terms of domestic cost savings and travel time will be shorter," he said.

MIA is equipped with adequate supporting facilities and facilities, such as parking facilities, clean water, air-conditioning facilities, runway construction of asphalt 2,750 m X 45 m, even still possible extended to 3,600 m.

In addition, the airport has a taxiway (two connections), located in the middle of the runway. Apron (parking) for large and small aircraft and has two units of Garbarata (elephant trunk) to serve wide-bodied aircraft.

Minangkabau Airport also has a passenger terminal of 12,300 M2 or 450 seats, the best and most complete fire fighting facilities besides health facilities, service personnel, supporting facilities, equipments which are all very supportive.

According to Azwir, the haj pilgrim facility is just waiting for the order to be expanded immediately from the capacity of 786 pilgrims to a minimum of 1,200 pilgrims, according to the standards of haj boarding facilities according to SKB Minister of Religious Affairs and Minister of Transportation No.383 / 67, 2004.

Other social facilities are also supportive, such as a hall that can accommodate 450 worshipers, 500 mosques pilgrims, polyclinics / care 6 people and dining room for 450 worshipers. In addition there is a place and a Sa'i and Arafa field.

Alluding to the readiness of West Sumetara local government, said by Azwir, West Sumatra Regional Government with the support of West Sumatra Provincial DPRD is very ready, even has determined to realize the availability of infrastructure and supporting facilities representative in order to realize the excellent service for pilgrims. For example by preparing the construction of embarkation and debarkation support facilities that meet government requirements. (* / dar)

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