Mini Forest in Household, Can!

Mini Forest in Household, Can!

Image source:, Jakarta Forest is a collection of plants and plants, especially trees or other woody plants, which occupy a large area. So, can the forest be made inside the home area?

Bringing real forest to home is impossible, unless you're a Hollywood celebrity like Tom Cruise, who buys a house on a 120-hectare plot at the foot of a mountain in Colorado. However, with a much smaller size, you can bring a garden with a 'taste' of the forest in your home.

Suwardi Hagani, Director of Hagani Flora explained to that the tropical mini forests can be made by combining tapered bamboo leaf limps, widened taro leaves, fern leaves, and grass grazing.

The trees for the 'mini forest' in the yard of the house can be divided into three parts: large type trees as umbrellas, middle trees for midfield fillers, and bushy shrubs to fill the lower fields.

Suwardi added that the mini forest can be made with 17 species up to 99 species of plants, with a land area of ??four square meters to 500 square meters. So for those of you who want to have a mini forest but extensive limited yard, this is no longer a problem.

Actually the mini forest can be made by yourself, as long as we know how to sort the right plants. To buy crops, it only takes about Rp2 million, but for the sake of easy, can use the services of garden experts, he said.

Suwardi added, the cost of making a mini forest with expert services ranges from Rp 5 million to an area of ??four square meters, up to Rp50 million for an area of ??500 m2.

Tips on making a mini forest

For those of you who are planning to create a mini forest in a narrow yard, you should plant and trees to be planted medium or medium sized. Do not force large planting because it can eat a lot of land.

Trees and plants should also be woody and leafy, so the real forest atmosphere will feel real. Keep in mind, although the size is, but plants are not recommended to be planted in pots, but directly into the soil.

The types of plants that strengthen the forest elements are deer and fern horns. Both of these plants are most easily found in tropical forests in any country.As a complement to the mini forest, buy one or two squirrel-tailed palm trees, and place nail plants around the tree roots. Then clean the palm tree trunks which will become a growing place for deer antlers.

Spray a little liquid fertilizer on the tree trunk, then paste the seedlings with no fern roots and tie them carefully carefully. Give a little liquid fertilizer by spraying on the plant. After the deer horns are perfectly attached, release the ties to allow the plant to grow well.

Not only plants, mini forest can also be enhanced with natural rocks. For example, with the presence of stepping stone or stepping stone. Arrange as you wish, or by forming a curved pattern that parallels the position of the plant.

If you still have space, place two chairs with a small round table in the corner of the forest. Do not forget, give at least two garden lights to make the mini forest look more attractive at night.

Finally, green space plus relaxation from home you can enjoy. Good luck!


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