Mini Size, This Unique Cow Can Be Animal Pets

Mini Size, This Unique Cow Can Be Animal – Generally, pets that are often owned by a person are dogs and cats. In addition to being a pet, dogs and cats are also often invited to walk, play even as a friend of the story whenever the master wants.

But what would happen if a pet treated like a dog and a cat was a cow? Is not it really troublesome to have a big cow pet? Make no mistake ladies, now there has been a mini-sized cow that is ready to be used as pets to replace dogs and cats.

The mini cow is less than 1 meter high / copyright

Launched from the page, these cows have a height of less than 1 meter. Weighing was not up to a quarter of the average adult cow that we often encounter. Called a mini cow, this cow is very unique, cute and adorable. These herbivorous animals are also claimed to be easily familiar with their owners such as dogs or cats.

Dustin Pillard is a breeder who breed these mini cows. Men from Lowa, Des Moines, United States has found a new genetic breakthrough that makes it able to create species of cows with super mini size. As a mini cow owner for at least 25 years, Dustin admits he loves mini cows. This half-man is also very happy when the US people actually welcomed the cows from the farm well.

This mini cow can be a friendly pet / copyright Pillard

"They are easy to maintain and love to be outside, they run like dogs and like humans, they are calm animals, well received by the community, interestingly they are very fond of the people around them," said Dustin.

Dustin reveals that since childhood he was very fond of the cow because his parents have a farm. In 1992 when he was in college, he and a friend visited the auction and saw there were cattle of mini animals. From here, he then aspires to have a mini animal farm as well.

The mini cow is a friendly animal / copyright

In 1995, Dustin managed to own a land area of ??10 hectares. He buys 5 mini cows and breeds them. "I bought five mini cows back then, from where these cows exist, we have a target to keep our cows smaller, smaller and smaller, though small, they are very healthy," said Dustin.

Regarding this mini cow, what is your response ladies?(vem / mim)

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