Miraculous, Five-Year-old Happy After Lost in the Forest For 12 Days

Miraculous, Five-Year-old Happy After Lost in the Forest For 12 Days

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Vemale.com – God always has a way, have a plan and also have protection for anyone who wants to be safe from all kinds of danger. The miracle and wonders of God had apparently just been owned by a 5-year-old girl from Siberia. Reported from the page dailymail.co.uk, the boy named Karina is just survived the various dangers of danger after lost and lost for 12 days Siberia forest.

This thrilling story spread throughout the world after Karina was found by a rescue team in the middle of the Siberian forest. Although his condition found limp and apprehensive, he is now showing a fairly rapid and significant recovery.

Her story became the world's spotlight because when she was lost in the forest, she was only with her pet dog, Naida. Quite impossible for a 5-year-old child lost in a forest to survive a variety of dangers of danger while he is only accompanied by an animal. But that is the power and magic of God.

Karina when first discovered in the forest | Photo: Copyright dailymail.co.uk

From the reports, Naida, the pet dog who protected Karina from all kinds of danger. The dog also gave Karina warmth so she could survive. While in the forest, the 5-year-old boy is known to only consume berries and drink water from a flowing river. For 9 days in the forest, Naida faithfully accompanied Karina. But after that the dog returned to Karina's parents' house and left the 5-year-old alone in the forest.

Since then, rescue teams more incentive to find the existence of Karina in the forest. Lucky, 3 days later rescue team found Karina was in the forest bushes. His body is limp and apprehensive. However, this boy remains tough and there is no fear at all. He was taken home and given the best treatment to recover quickly.

According to the mother, Talina, his daughter is a strong child figure. He admitted very happy and lucky his daughter can be found in a state of safety. Previously, many people who think that 5-year boy will not survive. Apparently God still loves Karina so she survived and reunited with her family.

Karina disappears as she follows her father off to the woods with Naida. At that time, the one who kept her at home was the grandmother. Grandma thinks her dad knows if Karina follows her into the woods. But unfortunately, the father did not know that his daughter had followed him. And since then, Karina was declared missing with her beloved dog.

Rescue team when bringing Karina back home | Photo: Copyright dailymail.co.uk

Karina and Naida met in December last year. Since this meeting, both are good friends and so love each other. Upon returning home and meeting Naida, Karina scolds the dog. The 5-year-old boy said "Why did you leave me?" while hugging Naida.

Ladies, the story is quite thrilling and so touching yes. Hopefully this incident becomes a valuable lesson for Karina to keep her from going to the forest again. Hopefully this event can make the father, mother and family Karina more vigilant in guarding it. Thanks for sharing the story.(vem / mim)

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