Missing from AADC 2! It’s Answers Make the Confused Looking for Cheryl or Alya’s Ladya.

Missing from AADC

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The Alya character (Ladya Cheryl) in AADC (What's With Love-red) is known as the best listener figure among the Love gang. He never absent to accompany the love that often ngegalauin Rangga. Alya is not only faithful to hear curhatan Love, but also to give wise advice to a friend of his gang. For you who nge-fans with Alya characters, you must lose the figure that is certainly absent in AADC 2. How the fate of Alya in AADC 2, consider the info that Hipwee prepared for you.

1. Alya's character is absent from AADC 2 because Ladya Cheryl is preoccupied with his academic life.

Because the involvement of Ladya Cheryl in AADC 2 is because the movie star Fiction (2008) is busy with his academic life. His busy continuing education made it impossible to permit filming. The absence of Alya's character in AADC 2 will certainly make Alya and AADC fans lose their best known figure in the Love gang.

2. The absence of Alya's character in AADC 2 is a representation of loss. That in life there must be a loss.

We choose to make the character die because we realize that in life there must be a name lost. If looking for someone who resembles the fear is hard for the Love gang.

Mira Lesmana via entertainment.metrotvnews.com.

You may be curious about the fate of Alya's character in the AADC movie 2. Alya's character in AADC 2 is said to have died. The producer Mira Lesmana reveals the reason why Alya character is told to die, that is because there is a meaning behind it that in life there must be a name lost.

Investigate a calibaration, originally Alya figure planned to join the AADC 2. Only Ladya can not be involved because he was busy with his studies. The initial scenario of the film was forced to change. Meanwhile other AADC players still play the same character. Dian Sastro still acts as Love, Nicholas Saputra becomes Rangga, Titi Kamal as Maura, Sissy Priscillia as Milly, and Adinia Wirasti as Karmen. You can not wait to see the gang of Love whose personnel are now transformed into adult women?

3. Certainly many fans who feel lost with the character of Alya, the best listeners are tough despite experiencing violence from the father.

In AADC, Alya is known as an innocent and tough girl figure. Not only can be a good listener, but he is also able to be patient with the sadness that happened to him. Narrated Alya is a victim of violence in the family. His temperamental father often beat him and his mother. Nevertheless he still forced a smile brave in the presence of a gang of friends. In AADC 1, Alya once tried to commit suicide because he could not bear the bitterness of his life. Lucky his life was saved.

Each character in a love gang has its own color. Love as the main character has a cheerful color, Milly with innocence can be described with a light green color, Karmen with tomboyish matching in black, Maura girly matches the pink color, while a kind Alya matches with a sad blue color.4. The AADC production team deliberately did not cast for Alya's role. You know?

Riri added that his side are also not looking for a replacement for Alya's role. He did not hold an audition or casting to get the role.

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If looking for someone who resembles the fear is hard for the Love gang.

Mira Lesmana via entertainment.metrotvnews.com

Maybe some of your AADC loyal fans thought about why Alya's role is not maintained by changing his artist. Looking for another actress whose face is similar to Ladya would be a difficult thing for the Love gang. That is the reason that Mira disclosed about Ladya's successor.

For you who lost the figure of Alya in AADC, do not grieve yes. Alya will always be in our heart really (so serious gini)

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